A New Years Love Letter

I love the new years. Not because I can have a clean slate to renew myself but because it serves us an opportunity to reflect, look back which can be extremely insightful. 2017 was different from other years in so many ways. It was a year of truly identifying my purpose as a content creator and as a creator of this brand, KraveBeauty. And in the new years, I will keep sticking to the purpose of why I started KraveBeauty in the first place, which is to encourage you to communicate with your skin and find fun in self-care. 

In January 1st, I found myself feeling a bit annoyed at myself for not being excited about setting goals and resolutions for the year. But soon I realized that I'm not much of a new years resolution person because I have no intention to renew myself but to evolve from where I am right now. I acknowledge the fact that the willpower always depletes while the WHY power is what sustains you to be on track. So now I define my purpose of the year and choose intentions, choose feelings I want to feel more of, and choose words I want to magnify in my life.

This is what I wish to cultivate more of this coming year.


I want to create a clear intention before I do anything. I don't want to develop products for the sake of adding another in our product portfolio. I don't want to create contents for the sake of uploading. I want to be clear in the purpose and meaning of whatever I create and be more mindful of my actions.

2018 is not a year of hustling. It's the year of taking the time to pause and making the space to nurture. I love the word 'nurture' because it isn't all about 'growth'. It requires your love, care and intention to nurture something and grow it into something really special. So I want to take this year to invest in nurturing the relationships, content, and business.

The past two years taught me to embrace my vulnerability and accept myself as who I am. And I want to make this year to be more open and honest about this side of me. I want to be able to talk about my struggles without the fear of being judged. With that being said, I hope to vlog and write more about my personal life :)

What's your theme for 2018?

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Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed reading about your intentions to “nurture.”

I’m the opposite – I want to hustle. The past four years has been interesting for me in that I have not landed a career path for myself. However, I did land an amazing job that I can see myself staying in for 10+ years and though I still do not have a career path in mind, this is where I hope to hustle – to find a profession I can grow in. I enrolled myself in two coding courses, something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, and I hope to see if coding is something I can pursue.

In addition, I want to create a project for myself. My brain is more inclined to my artsy personality so I’ve decided to DIY remodel my room. This is going to be a challenge since I want to max this project at $250 (this includes repainting and getting new furniture).

Happy New Year! I hope 2018 will be just as kind to you as you are to your community!

Sujin January 07, 2018

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