January 08 2020
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Krave Beauty
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Help Australia Fight Against These Bushfires

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Tina - January 09 2020

Thank you so much for the help! Will definitely be buying this product soon!

Stephanie - January 09 2020

Hearing and seeing what has happened to help Australia’s country – its wildlife, firefighters, people – is absolutely devastating. ANYTHING at this point helps and makes a difference.

The fact that Krave is donating 100% of sales from one of its best products to relief efforts in Australia gained my respect and loyalty. Not many businesses do such an act of financial support.

Thank you Krave Beauty for your generosity and HUMANITY.

Jane - January 09 2020

As an Australian I am honoured and very grateful that you care so deeply for our country at this time when we are so damaged. It touches our hearts that so much support has come from people all over the world. Also, your balanced summing-up of our situation is so accurate and fair. In the midst of all our tragedy, the blame-game is rife – all the extremes are coming out. Our Prime Minister is being viciously attacked, as well as all our climate change policies. As usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle and your article is the most fair and accurate piece I have read, amongst all the highly emotive copy that is being published at the moment. Thank you for that. I, of course, immediately went to purchase a bottle of Great Barrier Relief (which I have wanted to try anyway) to find that sadly you don’t do international shipping. Thank you all the same, Leah, for this very generous donation. I have always followed you and held you in high esteem but this lifts you into the stratosphere!! With very many thanks from Australia, Jane.

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