January 16 2018
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How do you apply KraveBeauty Kale-Lalu-yAHA?

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mark sciumeca - March 20 2019

When are the sold out products (USA) going to be back in stock? Will Krave notify via an email? Great products.

Nadhira Husna - June 19 2018

Is it suitable to be used with vitamin C? will it slow down the effectiveness of vitamin C if used together?

katrin - April 12 2018

I really want to try this but i’m not sure where to put this in my nighttime routine. first wash, then tone? then apply kale-lalu-yaha? then moisturize after?

Eula27 - March 21 2018

My product is on the way. I am very excited to try this out! I prefer to use a chemical exfoliator since my skin feels so dehydrated nowadays. I feel like physical exfoliators just make my skin a whole lot drier. And this product, I find it perfect because while it exfoliates, it contains hydrating ingredients as well. Hope that my skin will love it.

Prasee - January 29 2018

Thanks for helpfull information.

Prasee - January 29 2018

Thanks for helpfull information.?

Jo - January 17 2018

Thanks, that helped a lot!
Just waiting for my order to arrive to Estonia! Cant wait to try that out.

Sara Rosario - January 16 2018

I absolutely love your products…..I cant believe how gentle they are. You have a customer for life.

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