How do you apply KraveBeauty Kale-Lalu-yAHA?

The Swiper 

Using cotton pads to apply Kale-Lalu-yAHA can also take away the build-ups such as excess oil on the skin. You're also gently exfoliating the skin manually as well as getting the full benefits of using an AHA. 
Tip: never be aggressive while swiping! Gentle swipe can still do its magic.

The Patter
Patting in with your hands = more absorption = instant hydration & getting the most out of AHA. This method is for those who are more comfortable with AHA already as it increases the efficacy of the product by absorbing more product into the skin.  
Tip: We don't recommend you to apply this to open wounds such as popped pimples.

The Mixer
This is a method where you mix the Kale-Lalu-yAHA into your serums or moisturizer. This is a great method for beginners or sensitive skin as the DIY concoction creates a cushiony buffer interfering with the AHA fully absorbing or functioning. This doesn't mean that you're compromising the efficacy by tons, but it's a good way when you're introducing an acid for the first time into your routine :)  

Want to know if you can use Kale-Lalu-yAHA with your skin conditions? Click here to find out more.


When are the sold out products (USA) going to be back in stock? Will Krave notify via an email? Great products.

mark sciumeca March 20, 2019

Is it suitable to be used with vitamin C? will it slow down the effectiveness of vitamin C if used together?

Nadhira Husna June 19, 2018

I really want to try this but i’m not sure where to put this in my nighttime routine. first wash, then tone? then apply kale-lalu-yaha? then moisturize after?

katrin April 12, 2018

My product is on the way. I am very excited to try this out! I prefer to use a chemical exfoliator since my skin feels so dehydrated nowadays. I feel like physical exfoliators just make my skin a whole lot drier. And this product, I find it perfect because while it exfoliates, it contains hydrating ingredients as well. Hope that my skin will love it.

Eula27 March 21, 2018

Thanks for helpfull information.

Prasee January 29, 2018

Thanks for helpfull information.?

Prasee January 29, 2018

Thanks, that helped a lot!
Just waiting for my order to arrive to Estonia! Cant wait to try that out.

Jo January 17, 2018

I absolutely love your products…..I cant believe how gentle they are. You have a customer for life.

Sara Rosario January 16, 2018

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