Intuitive Eating and Intuitive Skincare

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Elleta Salcido - June 01 2018

What about post inflammatory erythema? The red marks caused by trauma. Mine won’t go away and it’s been over a year. I only wash once a night with a gentle cleanser and in the morning I don’t wash at all and use a rose water mist along with a natural moisturizing makeup. My skin has improved somewhat, but those red marks won’t budge. They’re within rolling scars caused by laser damage, a vbeam laser. Please, any advice will help. Much appreciated😍

Deepshikha - April 13 2018

I exfolate my skin every sunday with physical exfoliator, but this time i got big red and dry spots over my face, even i have oily skin, i was not able to understand why this happen and then i thought, my skin is dehydrated And i started doing seven layers of toner😝,but i became worst n then as u say skin care fasting, i used nothing only a calamine lotion n it become normal in two days, which was not healing from past 3-4 days, so i am completely agree with you, we should always know what we need and when we need, n also m Thank you to you to guide us on every level, lv u ya

Marwa - April 13 2018

I can’t agree more!!
I had an obsession about diet and my weight for like 5 years, I couldn’t stand any weight gain and literally starved myself. until I became so weak physically, this year I just started to eat normally and stopped the starving attitude. I also started to seek more useful ingredients and diversity in my food, I became healthier and I just realized how I miss this beautiful feeling of being healthy and energetic. I’m 58 Kg now and if this was me 2 years ago I would probably starve my self for a week XD
I feel bad about how much I tortured myself. I will never do that again
as you say, be flexible and love yourself!

Mia - April 13 2018

This is so true! It’s been over a month since I joined the K beauty bandwagon. I was super excited because with the first few things I tried I started getting great results. Soon after that I became so obsessed with all the “must haves” and tried it as soon as I got it. My face was oilier and I started getting acne which I never had before. I have such a huge respect for you, Liah, and the philosophy that you have. The simple things are done the better. So I stopped obsessing and simplified my routine. I still do the steps required but with less products. I also tried to focus on one goal at a time. Currently trying to solve my dark spots since I resolved the dullness and dryness of my skin. Keep up the great work, Liah!

Kiiku - April 12 2018

Well said! Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

Love your cleanser and exfoliator and can’t wait to see what’s next!

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