Intuitive Eating and Intuitive Skincare

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We live in an age where we are forced to absorb more information than we can handle. It’s so easy for us to get distracted by a trendy diet that’s supposed to make us look like the Kardashians or a new skincare product that promises baby soft skin, but the worst part is, WE WANT TO TRY THEM ALL. 

I’ve tried and failed at dieting more times than I can count. I started researching the health benefits of all different kinds of diet, like ketogenic, paleo, atkins, raw food, celebrity diets etc. and became OBSESSED.

Each diet makes their outcome sound amazing while simultaneously making you feel like you've been doing everything wrong your entire life. Before I knew it, I was counting every calorie, restricting myself, and stressing out every time I had to eat.

I started this diet because I just want to feel good about myself. But it didn’t take long before I started losing that feel-good factor and was left with is overwhelming disappointment and self-hate. After failing so many times and returning to point zero, I knew something had to change.

I dropped my obsession with calories and started to listen to my body instead. Eat when I'm hungry. Stop when I'm full. Stop labeling and categorizing foods as "good" or "bad". Eat what I want, when I want.

In addition to a healthy dose of exercise, I dropped more than 22 pounds. This jumpstarted my much healthier relationship with food. I realized that food was not the enemy, but a friend that nourished my body. Paying attention to those little cravings completely changed my perspective of what I was putting in my body.


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So why am I talking to you about this on a skincare blog? Because that is the exact same thing that is happening with us and our skincare products. We put our skin through constant abuse with aggressive skincare habits while feeding it way more than it needs.

The core mission of our brand is to teach you to pay attention and listen to your skin, the signs are there but we’ve learned to ignore them because we don’t know how to recognize them. We’ve been conditioned to listen to what skincare brands advise rather than the inflamed red spots that developed on our cheek this morning.

Skincare should be done intuitively and whether you realize it or not, YOU are the expert of your own skin and body.


If your current cleanser dries out your skin, switch. If your skin seems dull and congested, skip makeup and add a gentle exfoliant. If your skin is red and sensitive, stop everything and give it a break. If you're working long hours in a stressful environment, add some antioxidant oils to nourish it. If your acne constantly forms in the same spot, investigate on and so forth!

So let's drop the obsession of settling into a perfect "routine". Instead, be flexible with the products you use according to your skin's needs each night. The resiliency of your skin fluctuates tremendously depending on your hormones, stress levels, and tons of other factors as well, so let's not ignore that. Add more when your skin is more receptive, subtract when it isn't.

Feed what your skin craves.

- Liah xx

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What about post inflammatory erythema? The red marks caused by trauma. Mine won’t go away and it’s been over a year. I only wash once a night with a gentle cleanser and in the morning I don’t wash at all and use a rose water mist along with a natural moisturizing makeup. My skin has improved somewhat, but those red marks won’t budge. They’re within rolling scars caused by laser damage, a vbeam laser. Please, any advice will help. Much appreciated😍

Elleta Salcido June 01, 2018

I exfolate my skin every sunday with physical exfoliator, but this time i got big red and dry spots over my face, even i have oily skin, i was not able to understand why this happen and then i thought, my skin is dehydrated And i started doing seven layers of toner😝,but i became worst n then as u say skin care fasting, i used nothing only a calamine lotion n it become normal in two days, which was not healing from past 3-4 days, so i am completely agree with you, we should always know what we need and when we need, n also m Thank you to you to guide us on every level, lv u ya

Deepshikha April 13, 2018

I can’t agree more!!
I had an obsession about diet and my weight for like 5 years, I couldn’t stand any weight gain and literally starved myself. until I became so weak physically, this year I just started to eat normally and stopped the starving attitude. I also started to seek more useful ingredients and diversity in my food, I became healthier and I just realized how I miss this beautiful feeling of being healthy and energetic. I’m 58 Kg now and if this was me 2 years ago I would probably starve my self for a week XD
I feel bad about how much I tortured myself. I will never do that again
as you say, be flexible and love yourself!

Marwa April 13, 2018

This is so true! It’s been over a month since I joined the K beauty bandwagon. I was super excited because with the first few things I tried I started getting great results. Soon after that I became so obsessed with all the “must haves” and tried it as soon as I got it. My face was oilier and I started getting acne which I never had before. I have such a huge respect for you, Liah, and the philosophy that you have. The simple things are done the better. So I stopped obsessing and simplified my routine. I still do the steps required but with less products. I also tried to focus on one goal at a time. Currently trying to solve my dark spots since I resolved the dullness and dryness of my skin. Keep up the great work, Liah!

Mia April 13, 2018

Well said! Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

Love your cleanser and exfoliator and can’t wait to see what’s next!

Kiiku April 12, 2018

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