Let's Ditch "Skin Types"

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Amy - December 30 2019

I can’t express how weight lifting this post is. Reading this had me nodding my head in agreement the whole time! Every time I explain to someone my “skin type,” I’d have to go into detail about why I have combo but why it’s more dry than oily, and then why it changes each season, it’s just too much. This approach is much more simple, accurate and can save a lot of time explaining. Love it!!!

Deja - July 10 2018

Loved this post so much. My skin is constantly switching and I never felt like I really fit into a skin type quite right, and this was so reassuring. Have def dove way more into the beautiful world of skincare since following Liah and Krave’s journey, and I couldn’t be happier with all the results.

haze - July 08 2018

love this! i have been deep into understanding skincare since ive come across liah’s videos. and ive noticed that too i really couldn’t quite identify my skin type so i opt to adjust my routine based on what im seeing that time. it works well that way 😊😬

Sarah - July 07 2018

What a great way to start my day, reading an insightful articel about our skin..

Sahar - July 07 2018

Reading this is helpful and reassuring that you don’t need a counter full of products to achieve a beautiful and healthy skin

Dinar - July 07 2018

Such a great article! I’ve tried to dropped all my serum with active ingredients and let my skin barrier healing naturally. It such a nice idea & now my skin feels so great & less prone to acne.

Dahs - July 06 2018

Another helpful article from Krave Beauty. Keep them coming! You have no idea how much you’re helping thousands of people out there to have a healthy glowing skin. Thank you guys, thank you Liah Yoo! Kudos! :)

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