Product development update

Q : Is KraveBeauty going to have more products?

A : Of course! We're currently developing 3 different sunscreens—chemical, physical, hybrid— and 2 kinds of moisturizers—for winter, for summer—, one product that helps restore the moisture barrier, and another product that helps to rejuvenate the skin. 

BUT, and this is a big buttt! We don't know 'when' we would be able to launch the next product.

Formulating a product is a constant push and pull between us and the lab. Many formulators and chemists that work for a big cosmetics lab in Korea are often accustomed to working VERY mechanically, meaning that many of the chemists often seem like a salesperson trying to sell the existing formulations instead of starting another formulation from scratch. While this can be helpful to many brands in the market, as all they need to do is basically 'shop' for formulations and wrap it with their label, we are really not interested in doing something that every other brand can do. So, we do our best to make the formulators believe in ourselves first and guide them to outperform themselves with our formulation. And oddly, this is what takes most of the time. Funny, isn't it? But once they #pressreset (haha) on what they've been doing, and they finally get excited about taking on the new challenge, things sails pretty smoothly from then. We are coming to an end with a couple of formulations but we don't want to rush to release it for the sake of releasing. 

Developing a product is costly and placing an order for individual SKUs is enormously expensive. At the moment, we can't afford to drop everything at once. We might only release the first sunscreen to the world and refine the other two while we generate more sales to place another order. 

It really means a lot when you share and spread the word about us to your friends and family. And thank you so much for your patience :)

- Liah xx 


This is why I trust you guys with my skin!

Sebah April 08, 2018

Love your blog and videos! I really hope international shipping will be available for kravebeauty craving people like me soon :D

Clara March 16, 2018

I love how transparent you are! I’m so happy you created these products. I’ve been following you on YouTube for a long time and I’ve been able to figure out what works best for my skin because of your helpful guidance. I’m very excited for the sunscreen as I’ve been struggling to find one that works for me. I can’t wait. I’ll definitely be purchasing! :)

Daisy March 14, 2018

Had skin problems (redness, oiliness, excessive breakouts all over my face, scarring) ever since middle school—-went to a dermatologist and basically burnt my skin with all the harsh chemicals he prescribed, not to mention the daily antibiotics that wreaked havoc on my digestion. Made my skin WORSE and very sensitive all the time.
Throughout high school I tried so many methods to fix the damage - everything from diy “natural” remedies like witch hazel and aloe, to the 10 step Korean skincare routine - nothing worked.
But then I started watching Lia’s videos on restoring the skin barrier and taking a minimalist approach to skincare. SO much improvement! I’ve got a long way to go still, but now I’m not embarrassed of my skin anymore. Currently on the journey to healing years of damage and over-treating. So happy you launched this brand and I definitely will be purchasing the physical sunscreen too when it comes out! <3

Sierra February 14, 2018

I’m very excited for the moisturiser, I’m finding it difficult to find one that works for me! Will be definitely trying what you release.

Ash January 21, 2018

I have been watching dr davin lim on youtube for some time now and i really think his latest review on sunscreens would help your product development team. Also we need your products in Australia.

Jodie martin January 19, 2018

So excited for these products and willing to be patient bc quality is most important! I’m so glad that you are willing to stay true to who you are for yourself and for your consumers’ skin health! I will never switch from your products, so glad I found you! We love you!!! xoxo

Hannah January 19, 2018

Take your time, Liah. and thank you for for choosing quality for these products. This is the type of revolution we need in skin care and it’s important to be patient. We trust you!

Jay January 19, 2018

Soooo excited!! Thank thank thank you for developing a physical sunscreen option! Also can’t wait for moisturizers!

Angela January 19, 2018

I think we all agree that we’d rather quality over anything else and if that takes time on your guys’ end, take all the time you need! Thank you for continually keeping us in the loop about everything – I appreciate it beyond words! Keep up the great job!

Camila R. January 19, 2018

? Liah making Sunscreen ⁉️
OMGSH ? Dream come true !!
Cannot wait ! Your ideal of sunscreens is exactly mine and so if you’re making one then I’m definitely getting it !! HYBRIDDDDDD? YASSSSS

Love from London ❤️

May January 19, 2018

Aww. No need to rush, Liah!
Great wonderful things take TIME.
We are here to wait.
I really love your brand philosophy ? : Promoting skin health > profit.
My skin’s currently severely broken out that it breaks my heart.
But seeing your products gives me hope.
One day, I shall be able to get my hands on them! crosses fingers
I shall wait for it, and the international shipping ?

Sharmaine May M. January 19, 2018

Love the transparency of this brand, Liah you’re amazing!

Jasmine Nicole January 19, 2018

I’m so so so impressed and equally intrigued by the whole concept and belief of Liah and Karve Beauty… take your time and do each step with your heart….and finally please make these available in India! ?? (pretty please???)

Nirmala Isabel January 19, 2018

We so appreciate you and your team taking time rather than trying to sell a rushed product to us :) Thanks for really taking the time to give us the best products you guys first believe in. I definitely can’t wait for the future products!!!!

J January 19, 2018

I’m super happy to know that you guys are working on new products, though as a european I’m more interested in knowing when shipping will be available for us!! No rush though, I’m just excited to eventually try out your 2 current products :)

Marie January 19, 2018

YES! It is wise of you to push back for as long as it takes to get a product that you believe in and will actually add something meaningful to an already saturated market. You have developed a loyal army of customers who appreciate quality over novelty, and we will be here whenever your products are ready!

Emily H January 19, 2018

Thanks for taking your time to give us an update! As Many N have said, I’d rather wait for a high quality product while continuing to build my skin barrier (it was very weak before I discovered your channel) by using your matcha hemp hydrating cleanser and the kale-lalu-yAHA! As a fan of Liah and Kravebeauty, I’ll patiently wait for the new release of products!!!! I’ll be very excited when they launch and I can’t wait to buy them and support you :)

Emily Kim January 19, 2018

Thank you so much for this update. It really shows that you’re a brand who care about the product and the customer and it’s wonderful! Can’t wait to try your products when it’ll be internationally available

Monti Auriane January 19, 2018

I’m definitely fine with waiting for a high quality product! I trust you guys so much and appreciate your transparency. I look forward to your next product, but definitely take your time!

Ash January 19, 2018

Thanks for the update! Please take your time. A high quality product is completely worth the wait. We don’t want you to rush the formulations if it compromises the performance of the product. We’ll continue supporting your line, and patiently anticipate any future releases!

Mary N January 19, 2018

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