December 13 2019
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The #PressResetChallenge Guide: An Overview of Your Journey

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Kat - January 08 2020


I wanna ask, do I only use just 1 cleanser for this challenge? I double cleanse daily with an oil cleanser, followed by a water based cleanser. It feels weird if I just stick with one cleanser lol…

Hannah - December 20 2019

Hi, re: Press Reset challenge, do you also remove physical exfoliation in the process? Thanks in advance!

- Hannah

Ana - December 30 2019

Dear Liah

Please be aware that KRAVE in Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and other slavian languages means cow in plural = cows.

I dont wanna offend you, but please be aware if you ever reach the russian/slavian market.

Ford did it too and named KUGA a series of cars, which means pest, plague. You’re not alone here.

Keep work/life-balance always in mind! Peace and calm regularly, ie. Samata.

Greets from a retired CEO.



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