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Clara A. - February 15 2018

HI LIAH . I am so interested with your products,cause I think I need it ..I just wanna know ,are these product available into Malaysian ?

Rachael Gould - January 11 2018

Hey liah! So I’ve just bought your product and using my US Ship It To address in Nevada to get it sent to New Zealand. Dedicated!!! can’t wait to use the AHA.

Yashbina - December 16 2017

Hi Liah! I’ve been watching your skin care videos for the past 6months. Your immense knowledge….and the simplicity…That’s what keeps bringing me back to you. I just hope your products get shipped to India. Kra-ving to try it?

Annie L. - December 13 2017


Madao - December 12 2017

So I just purchased both products because I love the simple yet attractive design of both products. Hope to get the products in the mail soon before the new year so that I can start my skincare resolution for 2018. Simple but effective skincare :)
- Love from CA

Jyotirmayee satpathy - December 12 2017

Waiting for ur creation on moisturizer… Love ur knowledge u know dat… I m following u since ur 1st vdo wid dat blue dress … Still I can feel ur knowledge strength.. how n y we all r wid u… Love u … Can’t wait to try all these…??

Elleta - December 12 2017

That question mark was supposed to be a heart lol <3

Elleta - December 12 2017

I cannot wait to try your products! My skin was damaged by a vbeam laser and after it was no longer inflamed I redamaged it using a retinol product smh. I really believe your glycolic/aha will help my skins texture in time, I will definitely keep everyone posted. Much love to you from Bakersfield CA?

keep it simple LOVE IT!

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