Why Beet The Sun is Not Available in the US (yet...)

Hey everyone, Liah here! This is going to be a lengthy post so grab a healthy snack and let’s get started!

Beet The Sun SPF 47 PA++++ has launched on our Korea website which means it is currently a South Korea exclusive. I’ve posted a video explaining the situation before but I wanted to give an update about the situation and where we are at now.

Long story short, we can’t bring Beet The Sun SPF 47 PA++++ as a sunscreen to the US. Sunscreen is regulated by the US FDA as an over the counter drug because it makes skin-cancer prevention claims, this means that every sunscreen marketed in the US needs to have an FDA approval. Unfortunately, the US is far behind in the sunscreen game and our product does not qualify. Ever heard of people recommending you to stock up on sunscreens when you're visiting Europe or Asia? There’s definitely a reason why.

When it comes to allowing newer chemical (organic) UV filters, the US has been very conservative about it. Any international sunscreen that used the UV filters outside the US FDA monograph isn’t allowed to make official sunscreen claims.

Here's the problem. With Beet The Sun SPF 47 PA++++, we didn't want to use the old chemical UV filters that the US is using when there are far superior, more photostable, and less irritating options to formulate with. My personal experience with US chemical sunscreens has not been great, a lot of them were irritating making my skin tingle which eventually made my skin even more sensitive to sunlight. This made me want to formulate with UV filters that have little to no photoallergy or contact allergy history.

These are the 5 active ingredients we ended up using:

  • Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate/DHHB (Uvinul A Plus)
  • Ethylhexyl Triazone (Octyl triazone)
  • Isoamyl p-Methoxycinnamate (Amiloxate)
  • Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine/BEMT (Tinosorb S)
  • Polysilicone-15

So where is the US now in the sunscreen game?

This next part gets a little technical, so you can totally skip this paragraph if you get the gist. The Sunscreen Innovation Act (SIA) was enacted on November 26, 2014, to provide an alternative process for the review of the safety and effectiveness of newer sunscreen active ingredients. This gave hope to the possibility of maybe, finally having the new sunscreen ingredients allowed here in the states. However, according to the recent GAO report, it seems like none of the active ingredients is any closer to being marketed in the United States, and US consumers will not be seeing any innovative sunscreens in the market any time soon. Though these ingredients have been safely used in other countries for more than a decade, I'm sure the US has its own reasoning that I respect.

So, here's the twist.

We are going to bring that same formula of Beet The Sun SPF 47 PA++++ without the sunscreen claim, but we’re going to need a little help from you guys. We might even change the name 'Beet The Sun' and we won't be able to have an SPF number or any sun protective claims on our packaging. So everything will be quite vague and confusing. So when you talk about it or even recommend it to your friend, please spread the word and let them know it's a sunscreen! It's kind of like a secret code, just between us. We've thought about completely renaming it and repositioning it as a makeup primer but the concept of a makeup primer really doesn’t align with KraveBeauty's philosophy of stripping down to the basics. And if we were to name it as a daytime moisturizer, we knew there would be people who apply it at night as well. But it’s kinda cool I guess! Like a speakeasy bar that you can only access if you have the password, haha.

I hope this post can somehow contribute to moving FDA forward with the sunscreen ingredients. I'm positive that once everyone in the country is aware of the matter, there will be a change. Until then, Beet The Sun will remain as a secretive sunscreen-like product that only we will know about 😉

(Some have pointed out there are tons of international sunscreens that are being sold in the US with a proper sunscreen claim, and while there  is definitely is a way around it, it isn’t compliant with the FDA regulations.)

- Liah (Founder & CEO of KraveBeauty)


There are so many sunscreens / skincare products out there with harsh and irritating ingredients which are FDA approved. There is a major issue with the skincare industry as a whole, and the ingredients they even allow to be used. Makes me hopeful to see an honest and intelligent person like you start your own company. Can’t wait to try this product!

Ana August 15, 2018

I will buy this in a heartbeat the moment it’s available in the US with the repackaging. Thanks for being a voice in skincare that I can now listen to and trust. Can’t wait to try it Liah!

Jessica August 10, 2018

I will 1000% buy this AND spread the word. The effing FDA needs to step it up. The world is not going to wait around for you. Great job liah im really excited by your brand!

Miya August 10, 2018

We love loopholes. Can’t wait to purchase this product!

Jenna a.k.a. skin.siren August 09, 2018

I have never been so excited about a sunscreen in my life!!!!! I cannot wait to pick this up!!!

Jessica Livesey August 09, 2018

You should keep the play on words but target it more towards a face lotion so maybe a name like “face the beat” .

Elise Silva-Ramirez August 09, 2018

The fact that this Korean line is cruelty free AND vegan makes me want to purchase every product in it ! Please don’t sell out to China’s requirements for animal testing – remain ethical and trustworthy. So few brands do !

Celeste Arzuaggah August 06, 2018

Daytime Anti-Aging Lotion – Time to start a new trendy name for an already well known product (sunscreen).

Zen August 06, 2018

I’m sooo looking forward to the new product! ;-)

Sharon August 06, 2018

I too cannot wait to try your sun screen here in the ststes!

Amy Kinsman August 05, 2018

I’m trying to imagine the marketing for for this "speakeasy"version. “Daytime Face Lotion! For them days when it’s real bright out!” Lol

chibi6318 August 05, 2018

When is it going to be available in USA with the name change , can’t wait to try it

Sm August 05, 2018

It’s so sad to hear that you won’t be able to distribute this product in the US. I was looking forward to your the sunscreen. However, if you decide to repackage and rename the product I will still purchase it and help spread the words. I wish you many luck to your company and I will always be a big fan.

MLV August 05, 2018

Liah, I have a confession to make…


You have been pouring yourself into this and I can’t appreciate it enough.

Lunaticky August 05, 2018

Patiently waiting for Beet the Sun, version USA.0—can’t wait to try it out! 👍

Shannon Floyd August 05, 2018

I love your Matcha Hemp Cleanser and use it faithfully.. i love the all natural ingredient you use for your products. I’m curious why you chose a silicone based SPF ? Usually your products are chemical free ? Just curious

Traci August 05, 2018

I’m so excited and looking forward to Beet the Sun to be release in US. I have been telling everyone about this most anticipated product from you, which it’s sunscreen. I was so upset that you weren’t able to release this in US and annoyingly complained to you about it during the NY meet up with Amore Pacific. However, this is great! I am ready to stock up Beet the Sun with all my friends for the upcoming year! Congratulations on releasing Beet the Sun. I love the fact that you also hold on to your philosophy of KraveBeauty for keeping it as the Beet the Sun. I will continue supporting and rooting for you in future!

Elaine Li August 05, 2018

I would eco the same sentiments as Chandra in comments above. Why not sell it in other countries like India where getting a warehouse n other methods of transport are much cheaper than u.s. Also, the entire EU is waiting for you. As per the u.s dilemma may be you can call it a day light defender.

Emma August 05, 2018

I’m so excited to try your secret “speakeasy” sunscreen in the states!! :)

Myra August 05, 2018

How about calling it Beet the Day, a skin supplement? That way someday if you get approval to call it a sunscreen you wouldn’t have to change it too much, and then it would be similar enough to the Korean name that there wouldn’t be too much confusion.

Keely August 04, 2018

I was waiting for your sunscreen and so sad that I cannot purchase/try it in the states!
I would love to use it sooooon!! Are there any ways that I can purchase it? :(

Joy August 04, 2018

I have been looking forward to seeing Beet the Sun, but what a sad news!
There are a bunch of Korean sunscreen products in Amazon, and it is hard to hear that your product is not allowed to sell in the U.S.! Unfortunately, this product probably won’t get attention as sunscreen to your new customer unless you put SPF or Sunscreen on the package. I highly recommend you to be more aggressive on the advertisement, then you will get a great result! Hope you million luck! xx

Lou August 04, 2018

I think you should totally keep the name so as to minimize confusion. But maybe you could call it a sun protectant instead of a sunscreen? I don’t know how technical the FDA is, but I live in the U.S. and I can tell you the FDA rarely does anything logical and loopholes go far here, especially with the FDA. OR you could call it a skin supplement. Supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA and therefore can be sold no problem (ish). Using sly wording (that’s still accurate) is how almost all companies get away with doing anything anymore to avoid the iron fist of the FDA. Best of luck though! I can’t wait until I can try it! _

Pink Nekogeek August 04, 2018

Hi there. .I checked both pages Korean and why not available in u.s.

Got the point but hey guys there are so many more nations out there. ..
I want to order krave to india…
Not too fare from Korea right. .

Please point out how I can do so

Looking forward to hear from you ♡♡♡♡♡

Chandra D August 04, 2018

What about all the Korean sunscreens that are sold on Amazon, StyleKorean, etc. Are they also selling the products against FDA regulations or are those sunscreens compliant by using old chemical filters? Thanks!

Congratulations on the wonderful skin care you’ve made so far. I’m looking forward to Beet the Sun coming to the USA soon :)

PC August 04, 2018

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