August 04 2018
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Why Beet The Sun is Not Available in the US (yet...)

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Ana - August 15 2018

There are so many sunscreens / skincare products out there with harsh and irritating ingredients which are FDA approved. There is a major issue with the skincare industry as a whole, and the ingredients they even allow to be used. Makes me hopeful to see an honest and intelligent person like you start your own company. Can’t wait to try this product!

Jessica - August 10 2018

I will buy this in a heartbeat the moment it’s available in the US with the repackaging. Thanks for being a voice in skincare that I can now listen to and trust. Can’t wait to try it Liah!

Miya - August 10 2018

I will 1000% buy this AND spread the word. The effing FDA needs to step it up. The world is not going to wait around for you. Great job liah im really excited by your brand!

Jenna a.k.a. skin.siren - August 09 2018

We love loopholes. Can’t wait to purchase this product!

Jessica Livesey - August 09 2018

I have never been so excited about a sunscreen in my life!!!!! I cannot wait to pick this up!!!

Elise Silva-Ramirez - August 09 2018

You should keep the play on words but target it more towards a face lotion so maybe a name like “face the beat” .

Celeste Arzuaggah - August 06 2018

The fact that this Korean line is cruelty free AND vegan makes me want to purchase every product in it ! Please don’t sell out to China’s requirements for animal testing – remain ethical and trustworthy. So few brands do !

Zen - August 06 2018

Daytime Anti-Aging Lotion – Time to start a new trendy name for an already well known product (sunscreen).

Sharon - August 06 2018

I’m sooo looking forward to the new product! ;-)

Amy Kinsman - August 05 2018

I too cannot wait to try your sun screen here in the ststes!

chibi6318 - August 05 2018

I’m trying to imagine the marketing for for this "speakeasy"version. “Daytime Face Lotion! For them days when it’s real bright out!” Lol

Sm - August 05 2018

When is it going to be available in USA with the name change , can’t wait to try it

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