Why Your Acne Products Aren't Working

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Elisabeth - August 27 2018

When will the cleanser be back in stock?

Atika - June 12 2018

Hi Leah,
My daughter has acne. She used to have very nice skin but recently at the age of 18 she started breaking out for the last 8 months. She has been using Dr. Oracle products ( listed below) for the last four weeks and has seen some improvements but I am not sure whether that is working or not since she is getting some new acne on her both cheeks and forehead.
She is very frustrated with her acne and I am feeling so helpless. I started reviewing the web for acne and found out about K-beauty and bought all the Dr. Oracle products for her to treat her acne. Not sure whether I should continue or discard the products.
Please advise and let me know what she can do to treat her acne. I have started using Tamanue oil for myself ( using for the last four days) once I watched your video. Loved your videos.


Oil Based: Hanskin Cleansing oil & Black Heads

Water Based : Dr. Oracle A-Thera Cleansing Foam
Dr. Oracle A-Thera Tea Tree Peeling Sticks
Dr. Oracle A Thera Toner (PH level 5.5)
COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch $5 ( Spot treatment)
Dr. Oracle A -Thera Emulsion
Dr Oracle A-Thera cream (moisturizer)
Missha Mild Essence Sun Milk SPF 50/PA +
COSRX BHA Black Heads ( three times a week after cleaning and toner)

Cherish Antoine - June 02 2018

For few years I’ve been clean of acne but this year I notice I started getting pimples again and I tried this! all of this. Switching my cleanser, stopped using rough exfoliates, changed my diet to more healthy, getting more sleep. But it’s been months and now my skin is more scarred and getting more and more huge acne pimples that hurt. I dont know what to do.

Kay - June 01 2018

Will the Kale-Lalu-yAHA be restocked?

Татьяна - May 31 2018

Я очень , очень хочу попробовать ваши продукты , т к имею чувствительную кожу с акне. Есть ли доставка в Россию?

Татьяна - May 31 2018

Я очень , очень хочу попробовать ваши продукты , т к имею чувствительную кожу с акне. Есть ли доставка в Россию?

fai - May 30 2018

THANKYOUUU liah for your helpful information. i have a sensitive and acne prone skin, i used to cover my whole fave with drying products such as benzoyl peroxide. since i watched your video i stared using gentler face wash and rosehip oil. in just two weeks i see a major difference on my skin!
i love you so much and thankyou for educating me on skincare
keep doing on what you’re doing cause you are GREAT on it 💚💚💚

Aufa - May 30 2018

I’m so sad because I know Liah loves using oil so especially Tamanu oil- that broke me out. And then I tried Squalane (not squalane) and I’m getting those pussed filled acne too ugh 😭

Chicha A. - May 29 2018

Omg rosehip oil and hemp seed oil cant help the acnes? But Matcha Hemp Cleanser contains hemp seed oil and i love it :( I also apply rosehip oil 3 times a week every night, is that safe for acne prone typed skin like me? :(

Brittany G. - May 29 2018

I tried skipping my morning cleanse & within 3-4 weeks my face (especially cheeks and jawline) are COVERED in closed comedones. Why would this happen, and what can I do?

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