General Manager (New York, NY)


As KraveBeauty General Manager, you are a highly organized, strategic thinker who’s willing to get your hands dirty with us. You will take overall responsibility for all administrative functions in our company. In this position, you will set policies, operations, create and maintain budgets. You care deeply about building a meaningful brand in a fast-paced environment, and you will lead and motivate our team with a great purpose, and strong execution skills.


Your role at Krave Beauty:

  • Fully immerse yourself into KraveBeauty’s DNA and wear the voice of the brand
  • Work closely with the CEO to contribute to the development and implementation of brand growth strategies
  • Shape the work environment: Establish the company’s goals and working culture. Make conscious decisions about what tangible measures constitute superior performance
  • Craft a strategic vision: take into account the industry, the customer, and a specific competitive environment and create a strategy that will serve our customers better
  • Marshaling resources: allocate resources to support competitive strategies, keep the company economically healthy.
  • Develop star performers: Encourage and motivate the team to nurture their skillsets
  • Organizational bodybuilding: reorganize and decentralize the business for maximum efficiency in decision making, the execution process
  • Up and running: supervise operations and implementation. Oversee the day-to-day business by producing sound plans, spotting problems and opportunities early, and responding to them.


Outward facing roles:

  • Able to present key messages and value proposition Krave Beauty and all its products
  • Can represent the company and be our spokesperson at events when needed


What we crave from you:

 Personal traits (does this sound like you?)

  • I’m pretty calm under pressure and emotionally stable
  • I’m an effective and clear communicator
  • I am a kick-ass leader with strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • I find problem-solving exciting
  • I feel comfortable negotiating
  • I’m proactive, self-motivated doer
  • I’m strongly organized and able to prioritize tasks
  • I think critically and adapt quickly in a fast-paced industry


Technical but important stuff

  • Startup experience strongly preferred
  • 4+ years of experience in relevant experience
  • 2+ years of prior experience in people management and growing a team


Definite Pluses:

  • Experience in content creation, advertising, and strategy creation
  • Expert knowledge of marketing
  • Expert knowledge of direct to consumer businesses



  • Competitive compensation package
  • Strong incentives based on performance
  • Opportunity to grow fast alongside the company
  • Products


A little about us:

KraveBeauty is a skincare company that believes in the power of simplicity by urging you to step back, press reset, and listen to your skin’s true needs.


The brand was created by beauty influencer, Liah Yoo, to fight the ineffective yet conventional skincare routine that’s carelessly trained us to apply more than what our skin actually needs. That's why we offer skincare essentials that are craved by your skin and respect its natural functionality.


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