Sustainability Specialist

Sustainability Specialist

(a rather unconventional job description)

A little about us:

Hey! If we haven’t met, we’re KraveBeauty. We are a fast-growing direct-to-consumer skincare brand operating out of both offices from NYC and Seoul. We believes in the power of simplicity by urging you to step back, press reset, and listen to your skin’s true needs.

The brand was created by beauty influencer, Liah Yoo, to fight the ineffective yet conventional skincare routine that’s carelessly trained us to apply more than what our skin actually needs. That's why we offer skincare essentials that are craved by your skin and respect its natural functionality.

A rather long overview:

We’re here to #PressReset on the conventions of the beauty industry and slowly but surely, we see it happening. We are currently seeking to measure, evaluate and lower its carbon footprint across from its supply chain to all aspects of business which is why we need YOU.

We are not perfect. We learned a lot from two years of operating our business and acknowledge the fact that our business activity — from using an internet server, transportation, renting an office space, using electricity to manufacturing our packaging — does leave a huge carbon footprint and our aim is to minimize it. Importantly, sustainability is not just a word we throw around or use as a marketing tactic. We mean it when we say it, and we need someone equally as fired up to create a positive impact in an industry which generates more than 120 billion units of packaging each year globally. 

That said, moving forward KraveBeauty will put sustainability at the core, if not, the highest priority of every business activity from practicing intentional production to advocating conscious consumption to the customers. As KraveBeauty’s Sustainability Specialist, you’ll play one of the most critical roles in making sure the company is aligned with this north star. This entails mapping out and directing a 360 degree approach to how KraveBeauty can implement the best sustainability practices.

About this Position

This position welcomes all levels of experience, fields of speciality and most importantly, the unique expertise you bring. Open to remote/non-NYC based candidates.

Employment Type


Description of duties

  • Our Products: Production, Manufacturing, Ingredients, Packaging
    • Research and develop a carbon footprint categorization and measurement framework for KraveBeauty’s products
    • Review framework with industry best practice, and KraveBeauty team for effectiveness and applicability
    • Audit and calculate the carbon footprint of KraveBeauty’s products across categories, developing a robust model for ongoing calculations
    • Document measurement assumptions, limitations, and insights for KraveBeauty’s product lines
    • Co-develop carbon emission reduction objectives, targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for KraveBeauty’s products by appropriate category
    • Create recommendations, and an implementation plan for lowering KraveBeauty’s carbon footprint for its products
  • Our Customers
    • Prioritize categories of KraveBeauty’s product carbon footprints for customer awareness and education - consider what is in and out of control of KraveBeauty
    • Create a customer journey map, focusing on the sustainability pain points that resonate most with customers, and have the greatest impact or opportunity for customer education
    • Use design thinking to co-develop strategies and solutions to embed within KraveBeauty to encourage customers to be conscious consumers - lowering their carbon footprint when purchasing KraveBeauty products
    • Work with KraveBeauty team to create infographics and visuals that will best resonate with customers and help with their education and awareness

What you need to succeed

  • Experience in building a customized sustainability strategy & help organizations in integrating the plan
  • Deep understanding in sustainability, environmental studies
  • Flexibility to integrate the expertise into business operations
  • Effective project management skills with proven track record of creating, implementing and monitoring sustainability projects and oversee personnel
  • A huge plus: Korean skills to communicate with our manufacturing & supply chain based in Korea


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