Sustainability Summer Internship - Supply Chain & Operations

 A little about us:

Hey! If we haven’t met, we’re KraveBeauty. We are a fast-growing D2C skincare brand operating out of both offices from NYC and Seoul. We’re a brand created by beauty influencer Liah Yoo and a team of people who’s “been there, done that”. Everyone in the team had their moment of wanting to pull their hair out because skincare became so complicated--until they pressed reset. We dream big. We’re here to #PressReset on the conventions of skincare, and now in sustainability in the CPG industry. 

What we’re trying to do here:

We are currently seeking to measure, evaluate and lower its carbon footprint across from its supply chain to all aspects of business and bring correct awareness to a more holistic picture of sustainability to our customers which is why we need YOU.

We are not perfect. We learned a lot from two years of operating our business and acknowledge the fact that every aspect of our business operation — from using an internet server, transportation, renting an office space, manufacturing, sourcing, distributing our products — does leave a huge carbon footprint and our aim is to minimize it. Importantly, sustainability is not just a word we throw around or use as a marketing tactic. We mean it when we say it, and we need someone equally as fired up to create a positive impact in an industry which generates more than 120 billion units of packaging each year globally. 

That said, moving forward KraveBeauty will put sustainability at the core, if not, the highest priority of every business activity from practicing intentional production to advocating conscious consumption to the customers. 

About this Position

As KraveBeauty’s Sustainability Intern in Supply Chain & Operations, you’ll play a critical role in helping to build and scale our sustainability strategy, initiatives, tactics within the Supply Chain and Operations. You have a deep understanding in both Sustainability and Supply Chain & Operations and you’re craving for an opportunity to merge those expertise to create a positive impact. You’ll be working closely with the Operations department to align our goals and build KPIs and systems to assess our sustainability practice. The key partners will include, vendors, suppliers, sourcing, distribution, manufacturers, product development, marketing, business development. 

Employment Type

Summer Internship with an hourly pay. Need to be able to commute to our NYC office located in midtown Manhattan. 


Goal & Focus

  1. Build a sustainability strategy in Supply Chain & Operations
  2. Build KPIs and systems to implement/assess our sustainability practice
  3. Improve resource efficiency and ingredient traceability



  • Build and Institute the KraveBeauty Sustainability Initiative with a clear strategic roadmap, mainly in the supply chain and the operations. Manage strategic goal project leads’ accountability, budget, timeline and perform monthly reports on the roadmap.
  • Drive innovative solutions to lower and minimize KraveBeauty’s carbon footprint throughout its supply chain
  • Coordinate the development of scorecards and dashboards to drive sustainability performance for our brands, regions, and functions.
  • Identify and work with key organizations that will help us stay ahead of trends, amplify our sustainability achievements.
  • Maintain an understanding of leading trends and changes in sustainability, and overall sustainability landscape, including regulatory issues.
  • Develop and implement policies, programs, systems and metrics to ensure objectives are achieved.
  • Support the company to implement our sustainability goals cross-functionally.
  • Manage certifications tracking and supply chain audits and traceability.
  • Lead KraveBeauty’s passion and value of sustainability by infusing a sustainability mindset more deeply into the company culture, ensuring staff goals reflect sustainability efforts.


What we crave from you: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in environmental science, management, sustainability required; masters’ degree preferred
  • ANY relevant professional experience (supply chain management, operations, sourcing, product development, etc) strongly preferred
  • Understanding of the sustainability landscape in the beauty industry
  • Deep knowledge of social and environmental issues, NGO & regulatory landscape, sustainability claims and eco labels.
  • Experience with sustainability reporting efforts

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