Video Editor & Motion Graphics Designer for Liah Yoo's YouTube Channel


As Liah Yoo's Video Editor & Motion Graphics Designer, you are an exceptional visual storyteller who is able to elevate Liah's contents not only visually but also structurally in making it more viewer-friendly. You think about the viewers first and are passionate about helping them understand the content. 


Your role:

  • Work closely with Liah to produce and design creative assets (graphics, motion graphics) for Liah Yoo's YouTube videos


Why we need you:

  • Liah takes pride in providing well-researched and science-backed skincare videos, but it could skew into being too technical at times. With your help, her viewers will be able to easily understand their skin and skincare in a visually captivating way.
  • This role is not only about elevating the aesthetics of the content, but also about presenting and delivering the narrative in a fresh, exciting way to help viewers take away the key information from the video.


The Workflow & Deliverables:

  • 1 or 2 videos per week are expected to be produced
  • Video outline to be shared in advance
  • You will pitch several design directions to Liah and execute the design once confirmed
  • Liah will share the video draft
  • You are responsible for making the call to put which visual content to wherever it's appropriate



  • New York based is strongly preferred, however, remote work is possible as long as the communication doesn't get affected by a large time zone difference
  • This is a part-time/freelance job with an open possibility to switch to a full-time job with a bigger role encompassing both KraveBeauty and Liah Yoo's YouTube based on performance
  • Payment based on projects but open for discussion


What we crave from you:

 Personal traits

  • I'm a passionate storyteller and I use design as a medium to tell a story
  • I'm interested in educating people and improving other people's lives with my design
  • I am able to push my limits and develop my creative skills on a daily basis
  • I take deadlines seriously
  • I’m strongly organized and able to prioritize tasks 


Technical but important stuff

  • Experience in graphic design and motion graphics 
  • Proficiency in using creative suites
  • Understanding of skincare
  • Good knowledge with content creation


A little about us:

KraveBeauty is a skincare company that was founded by beauty influencer, Liah Yoo, to #PressReset on the conventional skincare routine that has trained you to apply more than what your skin actually needs.

It’s simple. We give it to you straight so you can keep your skin in top notch shape. And we create skincare products that work with your skin, not against it.


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