Slow Far Slow Good Recycled Tote

$38 (Default Title)
$38 (Default Title)
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A versatile everyday canvas bag entirely made from recycled plastic bottles. It was created in collaboration with Montsenu, a Korean “slow fashion” brand that designs clothing with the planet in mind. Our tote holds all your daily essentials while feeling lightweight and convenient to carry. The canvas material is durable yet flexible so you can fit in a little extra without a lot of hassle.

A Carry-All That Cares

Skincare is becoming a lot like fast fashion: new products pumped out at an unsustainable rate that keeps us buying while the Earth pays the price. Just like we’re aiming to slow down skincare and lessen our environmental impact, we wanted to work with our fashion friends to help spread the message. That’s how we found Montsenu and together we brought the Slow Far Slow Good Recycled Tote to life. Not only is it made with 100% recycled polyester sourced from plastic bottles, but we donated 10% of our profits to environmental protection causes. Being a good Earth citizen is always in style.

Casually Looking Amazing

We may not be qualified to give fashion advice, but we know that this bag plus a good pair of jeans and a comfy tee looks great on everyone.

Made with 100% recycled polyester sourced from plastic bottles. No dyes, bleaches, or metallic material used in production.

When you’re done loving on your bag, we encourage you to wash and donate it or recycle it at a clothing and material recycling plant. A quick Google search to find a donation spot or recycling plant near you!

Product Focus

Product Focus


Did you know it takes 34 recycled bottles to make one tote? And it gets even better: we’ve recycled and reused over 3,000 plastic bottles when we created our bags!

We love a versatile queen

The Slow Far Slow Good Recycled Tote is equipped with three pockets, including a special side pocket where you can keep your cell phone, water bottle, or travel-size sunscreen. Can’t guarantee it will make you remember to wear sunscreen though (that’s what we’re here for).

We heart Montsenu

We chose to partner with Montsenu because they exercise sustainable production and use recycled or eco-friendly material. Not to mention, they make timeless pieces that prove green fashion never goes out of season.

Your fav tee but in bag form

Soft canvas makes our tote a breeze to carry, but even canvas can get a little spotty. Have no fear, our tote is 100% machine- and hand-washable.

Slow Far Slow Good Recycled Tote

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