Since we founded KraveBeauty, our community has been growing and now we’re bigger—and more diverse—than ever. We recognize our brand’s impact is greater than skincare, so day-in and day-out, TeamKB has always been conscious of using our platform and our business for good to create a more equitable and sustainable future.

To be quite frank, the best way to solve the climate crisis for brands and for consumers is to Slow Down Skincare. There’s a clear problem in the beauty industry. We have more products in the market than our skin actually needs. And it isn’t just people's skin that is suffering from this capitalistic approach of the industry but also the planet is taking its toll. In fact, In 2019, there were more than 3,000 skincare products launched in the US alone. The global cosmetics industry produces 120 billion units of packaging annually.

With the growth of social media, new product launches have become a way for the industry to delight customers and for brands to stay relevant. The shorter the customer’s attention span has become, the faster the industry has released new products. Brands feel immense pressure to launch new products to stay “relevant” because there’s a fear that you’ll be forgotten if you don’t. The cost of a new product launch is way cheaper and effective for revenue growth than acquiring new customers. Terms like “brand loyalty” and “customer retention” have become more scarce than ever.

As customers, reading companies’ sustainability initiatives does make us feel better about buying their stuff. But the hard truth is, the most effective way to reduce the environmental impact is far more simple than a grand sustainability plan. For businesses, it’s to produce responsibly and for customers to consume intentionally.

The beauty industry has become like fast fashion and our goal is to do our part in slowing down the industry in this consumption-heavy society we live in. Beauty consumers are fatigued with countless options already, and we want to remind them to enjoy signature and evergreen products over the trendy ones. 

Ultimately, we believe consumers have the power to shift the paradigm and determine the product launch cycle. If you’re confused, just take away this: In skincare, all you need is a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen to maintain healthy skin. Anything beyond that is supplementary. So ask yourself before you buy: Is this what you want because you saw an influencer using it on YouTube or does your skin actually need it?

Our policy is to never do sales. We price our products as economically accessible as possible. We keep the price low by staying direct-to-consumer to avoid high retailer commissions. We stay as lean and nimble as possible with our overhead cost to avoid more mark-ups on our prices. So as a brand like KraveBeauty, it’s been difficult for us to participate in such a promotion like Black Friday sales that promotes hyper-consumerism, creating the urgency for people to buy things that they do not need.

However, despite our internal dilemma, we have participated in Black Friday for the past 3 years. We of course, had ideas from not doing it to even wanting to shut down our e-commerce business following suits of Patagonia’s “Don’t Buy This Jacket” ad.

But knowing our customer demographic, we also wanted our brand to be economically inclusive. And to some people, we acknowledge that this is the only time where they can afford our Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser. So we didn’t want to take that opportunity away and we are doing once-a-year-sale on this period as an extension to our Inclusivity Pledge.

In the meantime, our Customer Experience team is here to guide you through what you exactly need so that you can make the most intentional choice. Hit us up on the Live Chat or email us at hello@kravebeauty.com for assistance.

Black Friday is a highly commercial holiday, but we want to use this time to also pay it forward and pass on the support to charitable organizations helping those in need. Through ShoppingGives, we will donate a portion of every product sold, old and new, to charity and feature highlights of each charity on our content channels.

Another thing we are doing this year is adding a warehouse sale and here’s why.

A ton of skincare = waste by the tons

When KraveBeauty was founded, we wanted to create a brand for people who were overwhelmed by how much skincare was out there. A few years in, we’ve dug a little deeper into the problem and discovered that excess skincare isn’t just a problem for people, it’s also a problem for our planet.

As customers, we don’t get to see how companies treat, donate or at worst, discard excess inventories. Sometimes, or maybe oftentimes, excess beauty products go into grey markets or landfills. But we’re opening that up here. KraveBeauty went through a complete Brand Reset last month and rolled out a completely new packaging suite. As much as we tried to aim for inventory obsolescence, we are still holding onto some of our OG products as excess inventory and we don’t want to discard them when the products are still fresh and completely usable.

That’s why we decided to do a warehouse sale without sugarcoating anything. We have excess skincare and we don’t want this to go to waste. The beloved product formulas have not changed and the earliest expiration for any OG Series item from the warehouse sale is August 2023.

Black Friday Cyber Monday Promotion

  • 15% off promotion only applies to Core Series and Supplement Series products, excluding Snack Pack Discovery Kit.
  • Discount only applies to product prices (subtotal) and does not apply to tax or shipping.
  • Promotion active from Friday, November 26, 2021 9:00am EST to Monday, November 29, 2021 11:59pm EST.

OG Series Warehouse Sale

  • OG Series products are already listed at 30% off original prices and are excluded from the Black Friday Cyber Monday 15% off promotion.
  • OG Series products are final sale with no exceptions.
  • Discount only applies to product prices (subtotal) and does not apply to tax or shipping.
  • Warehouse Sale active from Friday, November 26, 2021 9:00am EST until supplies last.