Our sustainability journey

Hey! This is Liah, the founder and the CEO of KraveBeauty. Thanks for caring so much about the planet that brought you all the way here to this page. Now, this page is lengthy I warn you, and that's because there's so much work to be done in this area. And I want to highlight that this is a journey of ours.  

As long as we exist as a company, there is not a single day where we won’t have a carbon footprint. We understand that. Each of our decision, as a company, is made with the intention of prioritizing your skin and doing the right thing by the planet. 

We are nowhere near where we'd want to be. We acknowledge our short-comings and there's definitely a big room to grow. But we believe that a million companies doing sustainability imperfectly makes an enormous difference.




When we're talking about sustainability, it's easy to fix our eyes on the product packaging material. But there’s no point having super high-tech biodegradable, compostable, recyclable packaging if we’re pumping out 200 unnecessary products a year. 

So we say no to developing not-so-intentional products. We say no to saying a toner and an essence are two different things for the sake of a sale. We say no to telling you to buy things that you don’t need. 

We want to #PressReset on the fast beauty trend. Skincare products are being produced and released at a rate that makes the beauty industry feel like fast fashion. As a community-driven brand, boy, do we get it. There is constant pressure on us to launch something you ask for to keep you happy. We hate to break your heart but we intentionally decided not to release any new products in 2020. We are going to slow down, make less, buy less and care for our planet and ourselves the way we care for our skin — with intention.

We want to quote our friends from Oatly on taking a similar stance highlighting the importance of REDUCE aspect of the waste hierarchy.

Can a company grow in a sustainable way? Sustainable growth is a topic of much debate. The fact is, we need to decrease consumption and kind of shrink the market. Companies need to focus on increasing the quality of their products to make them last longer. But that also requires a change in consumers’ consumption patterns. In some cases, consumers may need to accept paying more for products of a higher quality. In this way, companies can sell fewer products while earning more per product and then live with lower volumes.



1) What we have done

Created Oat So Simple Water Cream to be 100% recyclable. Opted for a label printing technique that allows inks to 

2) What we are focusing now

- Setting goals and measures