Our Sustainability Journey

How did you get here?

What made you care about our sustainability journey? We think it’s probably because you care about the planet and want to make sure we do too. In that case, we’re going to get along just fine. But be warned: this isn’t just items on a checklist. This is a story of our skincare lovers-to-earth-minded citizens glow up.

Code Blue

A ton of skincare = waste by the tons

When KraveBeauty was founded, we wanted to create a brand for people who were overwhelmed by how much skincare was out there. A few years in, we’ve dug a little deeper into the problem and discovered that excess skincare isn’t just a problem for people, it’s also a problem for our planet.

Slow Down Skincare

Let’s pump the brakes

In a world that’s producing more products than our skin craves, at a faster pace than the planet can take, we need to slow down skincare for us and our planet. We want to work with our community and our industry to make individual and systemic changes to reduce our impact on the environment. Sustainability is not a one-man job; we all have to play a role to slow our roll.

What We’ve Accomplished

Sustainability Report

Dive Into the Details

For more detail on our ongoing efforts, we encourage you to check out our latest sustainability report. With this document, we walk you through the sustainability milestones we've reached, what we're up to now, and what's next.
2023 KraveBeauty Impact Report

Sustainable Packaging

What’s Old is New Again

Product packaging is one of the most wasteful parts of our industry and we wanted to make sure we were doing our best to keep our products out of the landfill. We realized the better way to make new stuff is to make it out of old stuff! That’s why most of our product packaging is now sourced from post-consumer recycled materials. Our products are also partially or fully recyclable, (read our recycling guide or scan your product carton’s QR code) so when our new stuff gets old, it can find new life again.


Paying Our Earth Citizen Tax

We believe our planet is as important of a stakeholder as any investor or customer and it should always have a seat at our table. Along the way, we donated to Amazon conservation projects, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, and we most recently became a member of 1% For The Planet. That means we’re dedicating at least 1% of our yearly sales to sales to support environmental conservation projects around the globe. This year, we also launched our ShoppingGives program to continuously donate at least 1% of all product sales maximize our impact beyond skincare.

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We’re not chasing short-term fixes; we’re finding long-term solutions for meaningful progress towards our goals.

What We’re Doing Now

Climate Neutral Certified

See Ya, Carbon Emissions

One of the most meaningful ways we can make an impact is reducing our carbon footprint. That’s why it was important for us to be Climate Neutral Certified, starting from 2020. Every year, we’re committed to measuring, offsetting, and reducing our full yearly carbon footprint. With our community’s help, we’ve already been able to offset 12 million pounds of carbon from shipping through Cloverly! From here, we’ll continue to reduce our impact to eventually remove more carbon emissions than we produce.

Plastic Neutral Certified

Managing Our Footprint

As a skincare brand, plastic packaging is our most available option and sometimes we have to use it. While we are looking into ways to reduce our plastic dependence and switch to more sustainable alternatives, we still have a responsibility to manage our current plastic footprint. That’s why we have partnered with RePurpose Global, a global coalition dedicated to reducing plastic waste. For every pound of plastic we use in our packaging, Waste Ventures India (a RePurpose Global affiliate) is helping to remove an equal amount from the environment. We know plastic offsetting is not a perfect solution. Ultimately, we want to reduce the amount of plastic we use, and this partnership is the first step to achieving that goal.

Product Development

Formulas for Skin + Planet

When we formulate in the lab, we consider how our products affect your skin and the environment around it. From Day 1, our formulas have always been vegan and cruelty-free, but now we’ve made it official and joined PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program! Our next step is working on our formulas’ biodegradability to reduce the negative impact that our wash off products, like cleansers, have on aquatic environments.

Sustainability isn’t one-size-fits-all and every brand has different needs. We’re not here to pick the most popular options; we’re here to reduce our impact by the numbers.

What’s Our Next Step

Sustainable Tracing + Sourcing

Farm to Face Pipeline

In the same way we carefully choose how we nourish our body and skin, we wanted to make sure we were making the right choices when it came to our ingredients. Working with our Product Development team, our goal is to establish 100% traceability of the key ingredients in each product, like the kale in Kale-Lalu-yAHA. In collaboration with our suppliers, we’re also developing more sustainable sourcing processes to minimize the impact of harvesting, extracting, and producing our formulas.

Community Education Program

The Marathon Continues...

We want to empower you—yes, you—to join our mission to create a slower, more intentional, and more responsible world. We’re working on creating workshops and programs to help you understand more about sustainability, how to practice it in your daily life, and how to advocate for it as fellow citizens of the Earth. We have so far to go and so much to learn, but along the way we want to make sure you’re learning and growing too. This mission is a journey, not a destination, and everyday is another step to a more sustainable world.

Test Your Knowledge

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Why is it important to keep global warming below 1.5/2°C?

2°C is a critical threshold. If we pass it, we will see natural systems cross dangerous points, triggering dramatic changes.

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What does it mean for a brand to be “carbon neutral”?

The brand balances its release of CO2 and offsets emissions by contributing to projects that tackle climate change.

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What are Plastic Credits?

A transferable unit representing a specific quantity of plastic collected from the environment and recycled.

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How many units of packaging are produced by the skincare industry?

Annually, the industry produces 120 billion units of packaging.

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What other steps of the product life cycle should be considered besides just end-of-life (disposal)?

Design, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, consumer use, post-consumer phase.

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Glass or plastic packaging? Which is more sustainable?

Although glass is sturdier and has a lower impact when reused, it requires more materials and is heavier, leading to higher emissions.