When KraveBeauty was founded, we wanted to create a brand for people who were overwhelmed by how much skincare was out there. 2 years in, we’ve dug a little deeper into the problem and discovered that excess skincare isn’t just a problem for people, it’s also affecting our planet. 

Recycling and reusing product is helpful but to be truly sustainable, we need to dial it back to the other “R” we tend to forget: reduce. Our mission is to empower the world to slooow down. We encourage companies in and out of beauty to produce at a responsible rate and cut down on wasteful overproduction to reduce their footprint. All of us have a part to play too; we can reduce our excess product consumption and purchase with purpose so we avoid piling up what we don’t need. 

Now we’re not saying that these changes will be easy. They will make us ask ourselves some tough questions about what we truly need and how to best spend our resources. But when put together, each of these small acts can create a huge wave of change for ourselves, our communities, and our planet. 

Won’t you join us?


Packaging was our first big steps towards being a more sustainable company. Many of our products are mostly or totally recyclable (check out our recycling guide here) without having to remove the stickers. Speaking of labels, we apply them with non-toxic adhesive and use UV ink, a safer and cleaner alternative to traditional ink, to print on our outer packaging. It’s not just our formulas that are people safe!

When you place your KraveBeauty order, you can choose a carbon offset shipping offer (go you!) and your products will arrive in a 100% recyclable carton with no excess fillers.

We’re proud to use our resources and platform to support environmental causes around the world. We’ve donated to relief funds fighting deforestation in the Amazon and bushfires in Australia as well as conservation efforts in the Great Barrier Reef. But we’re not stopping there! We’re now a member of 1% For The Planet and pledge to donate 1% of all our profit to global environmental protection projects.


Glass? Plastic? Paper? It can be tricky picking packaging that’s easy to use and easy on the environment. So we went to the experts to help us find our Goldilocks solution. Together, we’re conducting a Life Cycle Sustainability Analysis (LCSA) to pick greener packaging options. Our goal is to launch new, sustainable packaging for select products by the end of 2020!

Nonetheless, part of our journey is not just to make end products greener but to improve every step from development to shipping. So, we’re working with multiple sustainability specialists to help us make our internal process more eco-friendly without sacrificing product performance or customer experience. As we’re learning more, we’ll also keep our community informed and publish content on environmental awareness (like this blog post).


Sustainability is a team mission and we are committed to working with partners that share our vision. As our sustainability team grows, we want to perform carbon and water accounting audits on our suppliers, vendors, and partners to reduce waste. We’re working with our current suppliers to explore greener options while researching green suppliers to source our energy needs from renewable energy. We’ve also implemented a carbon offset program!

While we’re focusing on our commitment to reduce, we haven’t forgotten about reusing and recycling. That’s why we’re aiming to create our own robust recycling program to give our products new life. Combining our efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle, we’re striving to compile and share the details of this effort with you in the form of a sustainability progress report. From there, we can measure the difference we made, reflect on what we’ve learned and maps the next steps in our journey.