Well, we realized there are some problems in the beauty industry that led us to create KraveBeauty.

Let's shake things up a bit.

The industry.

One fundamental issue with the beauty industry is that many brands create products that will sell rather than products that consider our skin’s health. This results in over-promising claims, multistep routines, and harsh products that damage the skin long-term. Consumers have been trained to apply more than what our skin needs, which disrupts the skin’s natural functionality and can lead to chronic inflammation.

And we are more confused than ever.

Since the start of Liah’s YouTube channel, she’s received thousands of messages from subscribers describing how lost they feel about their skincare routine.

Despite the abundant product options and information out there, as a consumer, we are more confused than ever about skincare. There are too many products, too many trends, too much advice, and a whole lot of confusing information—all of which take away the joy of skincare.

But wait a second. 

When did skincare become so hard? What're all these should do’s and supposed to do’s? 


Skincare should be easy,
Skincare should be a stress-free zone,
Skincare should be a supplement to our lifestyle.
And most of all, skincare basics should be, basic.

And that's what we, KraveBeauty, believe in. We believe in the power of simplicity by urging every person to step back, press reset, and listen to your skin’s true needs. And we're born in this industry to offer truly Krave-able skincare essentials that respect the skin and restore it to health.

It’s time to #PressReset.