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Formulated with
less than 10 ingredients,
it’s #NoFrillsJustOats
it’s Oh- so simple.

$28 / 80 ml

Choosing a moisturizer can be overwhelming. You read the back of the label and now have even more questions running through your mind, like:




We’re not gonna say this moisturizer is going to fix all your problems. But it does solve one problem, really well: quelling all your worries, so you can simply moisturize and thrive.

“I hope this Oat So Simple Water Cream empowers you to simplify to amplify things in your life.”

Liah Yoo

Founder & CEO

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  • The truth is, your moisturizer doesn't need to be fancy or contain the trendiest ingredients. It simply needs to (1) moisturize and (2) do no harm to your skin.

    Your skin is smart, and Oat So Simple Water Cream gives your skin the essential hydration it needs to be moisturized and thrive - without the worries. This no frills formula was created without any potential allergens and irritants, so there would be no question about who it is for.

  • Oats are one of the most well-researched, powerful yet soothing ingredients in skincare. They are chock-full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties making it effective in calming your skin, reducing redness, and healing itchiness or inflammation.

  • Reach for Oat So Simple Water Cream whenever your skin is craving some good old-fashioned hydration. Apply Oat So Simple Water Cream as your moisturizer step, as much you need. No rules.

    Oat So Simple Water Cream also pairs well with any of our other products:

    Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser + Oat So Simple Water Cream = Nothing beats the basics.

    Great Barrier Relief + Oat So Simple Water Cream = Damaged-skin fighting powerhouse duo.

    Kale-Lalu-yAHA + Oat So Simple Water Cream = Only bright and plump skin days ahead!

    And of course, seal everything in with The Beet Shield for daytime protection.

    What will be your favorite combo?

  • YES! Pure oats are gluten-free, making our Oat So Simple Water Cream safe even for those with gluten intolerances.

  • YES! Each and every one of the ingredients in Oat So Simple Water Cream is safe for fungal acne (aka malassezia folliculitis). Even, squalane oil! Though most oils feed the bacteria that grow fungal acne, squalane oil and MCT oil are the two oils that don’t exacerbate fungal acne.

  • Oat So Simple Water Cream is beautifully packaged in a fully recyclable jar, lid, and spatula to close the product loop as much as possible. You may be wondering as to why we've chosen a jar packaging—isn't it unsanitary? Why not a pump or a tube?

    We took every piece of your feedback into thoughtful consideration when choosing our packaging. But ultimately, the final decision needed to be aligned with our commitment of moving forward in minimizing our carbon footprint. Our founder and CEO Liah walks you through how we have come to this current packaging choice on this post.

    Rest assured. The formula has completed its stability test and compatibility test with our current packaging. And Oat So Simple Water Cream doesn't have any 'active' ingredients that are sensitive to air or UV exposure. So simply, enjoy!

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