What Does Sunscreen Do For Our Skin?

What Does Sunscreen Do For Our Skin?

We all know what sunscreen is - an essential skincare product to protect you from harmful UV rays. But how exactly does it do it? Well first let’s get a better understanding of UV light.

UV radiation comes from the natural energy produced by the sun. UV light has a shorter wavelength compared to visible light, so while we can’t see it, our skin can feel it!

UVA and UVB rays are the two types of UV light that increase the risk of skin cancer but both are harmful in different ways. Ultraviolet A has a longer wavelength compared to Ultraviolet B. UVA contributes to premature skin aging while UVB is associated with skin burn aka sunburns.

Despite their differences, both are detrimental to the health of our skin. Without proper sun protection, our skin is exposed to these rays which can damage the DNA in our skin cells. This can result in mutations with the affected cells and can result in skin cancer and even eye damage like cataracts and eyelid cancers. By applying SPF as directed, you can decrease the risk of these health concerns while safely soaking up the sun.

Although we know this as fact, the conversation surrounding SPF protection is riddled with myths and misconceptions that leave us all confused and a bit scared. As part of our recent partnership with The Skin Cancer Foundation, we’re committed to furthering education on this topic and hope to add clarity to this already muddled rhetoric.

Myth: My sunscreen has a higher SPF rating so no need to reapply!

It doesn’t matter how highly rated your sunscreen is. Reapplication every two hours is essential for proper UV protection. Sunscreen also has to be reapplied as soon as you’re done swimming or sweating!

Myth: I don’t need to apply sunscreen when indoors.

According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, UVA rays are powerful enough to cause damage even through windows! These rays play a large role in premature aging and skin cancer formation. Even If you spend most of your time indoors it’s still important to use a sunscreen or cosmetic product with an SPF of 15 or higher to stay protected!

Myth: It’s cloudy and the sun’s gone. I don’t need any SPF protection!

Although you can’t actively see the sun, UV rays are still on the prowl. If UVA rays can get through glass, they can also go through clouds so definitely apply sunscreen no matter what the weather is like.

Myth: My makeup already has SPF protection, so I’m set.

Most makeup in the market that has SPF properties only protects from UVB radiation. This means you are only shielding yourself from 5% of the UV rays that make it to Earth, while the other 95% (which is made up of UVA rays) is unaccounted for. As mentioned previously, UVA rays are severely damaging to your skin and aid in skin cancer formation. That is why it’s necessary to apply SPF before makeup application!

Myth: I have melanated skin, so I don’t need to wear sunscreen. I also don’t burn easily, so I’m fine!

Folks with melanated skin are still susceptible to the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to the sun. Even if you rarely get a sunburn, you’re still exposing yourself to premature aging and increasing your risk of skin cancer when forgoing SPF. We all have skin and we all need to protect it, so apply that sunscreen before you head out!

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And to learn more about sunscreen protection or curious to know more about The Skin Cancer Foundation, check out their site and resources here.