About KraveBeauty


About us.

KraveBeauty is a skincare company that believes in the power of simplicity by urging you to step back, press reset, and listen to your skin’s true needs. 

The brand was created by beauty influencer, Liah Yoo, to fight the ineffective yet conventional skincare routine that’s carelessly trained us to apply more than what our skin actually needs. 
That's why we offer skincare essentials that are craved by your skin and respect its natural functionality.

Press reset and feel damn good, inside and out --because that's what skincare should really do.

#PressReset @kravebeauty 

Our Founder, Liah Yoo

Liah Yoo is a beauty influencer known for sharing skincare tips with the knowledge and experience she gained while working at Korea's largest beauty company, AmorePacific. She has an international social media reach of over 700,000 followers and built her credibility by helping hundreds of other women who have tried literally every other conventional regime to clearer and healthier skin by sharing her unconventional acne-fighting tips based on her own skincare journey.


Heyo, it's Liah!

The struggle is real. Since the start of my YouTube channel, I've realized so many of us had become so overwhelmed by all the noise in the beauty industry. 

Do I really need a toner? What’s the difference between a serum and an ampoule? When should I apply essence? Is silicone safe to use? How long should we wait after applying BHA? Can I mix this and that? Should we pat or rub?

It didn’t make sense. When did something that should be so simple become so stressful?

And then I realized –there is just too much.

We’re exposed to too much advice, too many products, and too many trends that are all taking away the joy of skincare. And all that has trained us to ignore what our skin is saying, what it is craving. We forget skincare is just a way to supplement our skin's natural functions. 

I battled with acne for years and tried to solve it with invasive treatments, antibiotics, and harsh acne treatments. My skin hated me for it. After abusing my skin for years without finding the 'cure', I realized I was shoving products onto my face that my skin didn't want. The inflamed and sensitized skin was a to tell me to CHILL OUT.

Ultimately with KraveBeauty, I want to empower everyone to step back, press reset and just listen to their skin. There's no magic fix you'll find on store shelves. Healthy skin simply starts with respecting your skin as it is. So, love your skin and it will love you back :)



So why did we start? Well, we realized there are some problems in the beauty industry that led us to create KraveBeauty.

Let's shake things up a bit.

The industry.

Many brands create products that will sell rather than products that consider our skin’s health. This results in over-promising claims, multistep routines, and harsh products that damage the skin long-term. We have been trained to apply more than what our skin needs, which disrupts the skin’s natural functionality leaving our skin chronically sensitized.

And we are more confused than ever.

Despite the abundant product options and information out there, as a consumer, we are more confused than ever about skincare. There are too many products, too many trends, too much advice, and a whole lot of confusing information—all of which take away the joy of skincare.

But wait a second. 

When did skincare become so hard? What're all these should do’s and supposed to do’s? 

Press reset.

Skincare should be easy,
Skincare should be a stress-free zone,
Skincare should be a supplement to our lifestyle.
And most of all, skincare basics should be, basic.

It’s time to #pressreset.