Our Story

Skincare is our work. Changing the game is our hustle.

Peer Pressure -> #PressReset

KraveBeauty was born out of an epiphany. In 2017, our founder, skincare aficionado and YouTube OG, Liah Yoo had exhausted herself (and her skin) looking for miracle products to solve her skin woes. She had been there, done that, and probably gotten a pimple from it. She sought advice from all the brands, experts, and know-how’s, so how come she didn’t have IG-worthy skin? That’s when the lightbulb went off: if she was overwhelmed, the rest of us were probably over the hill. We were so overloaded by new trends and miracle products that we cared more about skincare than our skin. Time to #PressReset.

Aha! moment to AHA makers

Liah got to work turning her light bulb idea into a reality, determined to help fellow chronic skincare overusers #PressReset on their journey. With the help of her community, a team of like-minded peers, and a determined spirit, she established KraveBeauty. We’ve been here ever since with our community getting bigger and the light bulb still shining the path forward.

When they zig, we zag

From the start, we never wanted to be the “million step routine” brand or the “launch 20 products at once” brand. We didn’t want to fit the mold, we wanted to break it. So, we became the “your skin can do its job, we’re just here to help” brand. Catchy, right? Krave Beauty was created to help us rethink our relationship with skincare and turn skincare conventions into skin-minded intentions that make you (not products) the focus.

More than skin deep

We’ve always been changemakers at heart, so once we found our groove in skincare, we started thinking outside the box. We realized in order for us to truly #PressReset on our industry, we needed to change our impact on our community and our planet. We embarked on a sustainability and inclusivity journey focused on investing resources into a more sustainable and equitable world. From our products, to our community outreach, to our social advocacy, our mission to change the norm isn’t limited to skincare anymore.

And now we’re here

We’ve come a long way in such a short time, but we have so much further to go. If you’ve made it this far, then we hope you stick around while we hustle on.