Anti-Consumer Consumer Grant

🚨 Calling for all sustainability creators!

We created the $15,000 Anti-Consumer Consumer Grant (aka ACC Grant) to fight overconsumption in the influencer industry and support sustainability-focused creators by providing financial support to help them promote mindful consumption, zero waste, and sustainable living. 

Our purpose

By offering this grant, we hope to foster a community of creators who prioritize sustainability over consumerism. We recognize that the current influencer/creator culture is deeply rooted in consumerism, and we want to challenge that narrative. We believe that influencers and creators have the power to inspire positive change and create a more sustainable future. 


This grant is open to anyone between 18-30 who wishes to kickstart their creator journey or use their current platform to promote mindful consumption and a low impact lifestyle.

Applicants must be based in the US.

Eligible creators must complete the application in its entirety and submit it by the 4/30/2023 deadline.

Creators who are interested should film, edit, and submit:

  • 1 video intro of yourself and how you plan to use the grant to make a positive impact to slow down the consumerist influencer/creator industry.
  • 1 video of content (choose either short-form for TikTok, Reels, Shorts, or long-form for YouTube with minimum 1 minute to 10 minutes max)

Aside from alignment with values, applicants will be evaluated based on the following factors:

  • Purpose: What is the purpose of your mission and what do you wish to achieve?
  • Impact: What’s the impact of your work in promoting sustainable living and conscious consumption?
  • Creativity: How are you using innovative and creative ways to promote sustainable living and conscious consumption? What is the uniqueness of your approach and the potential to stand out and reach a wider audience?
  • Simplicity: How are you breaking down complex and nuanced climate/sustainability topics in a more easily digestible language? How would you appeal to the mass audience who’s just starting their sustainability journey?

Applicants can get in touch by reaching out to with the subject line “Grant Application”.

Apply for the Anti-Consumer Consumer Grant by May 15, 2023 11:59:59 PM PT for a chance to be one of five winners who will receive $3,000 each!

Anti-Consumer Consumer Club (ACCC)

Hi, hey, hello!👋 We're so excited to introduce you to Anti-Consumer Consumer Club (ACCC).

ACCC is KraveBeauty's new media vertical that aims to empower YOU to consume better by promoting conscious and sustainable consumption. We believe that by changing the consumer's values and behaviors, we can drive businesses to operate more sustainably and intentionally, creating a better world for all.