Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Our relationships with our bodies can be...complicated. We wouldn’t be here (literally) without our bodies, and yet we can sometimes be unfairly harsh to it. Whether it’s judging its appearance, not listening to it when it’s telling us something or simply not properly taking care of our body skin, we can sometimes be unkind to this amazing vessel that helps us move through life. 

If you could talk to your body, what would you say? Well, here’s your chance! Click the link below to write a personal letter to your body. You can say whatever’s on your mind, be as open and sincere as you’d like. 

When you’re done, send it off to our digital mailbox and when you least expect it, we’ll send it right back to you! Think of us as your virtual mailperson. We’re here to deliver but what’s inside is for your eyes only.