Our Product Development Philosophy

We’re here to press reset on the conventional skincare routine, should do’s, supposed to do’s and all the skincare rules.

Our Purpose

KraveBeauty is on a mission: create skin-loving products for people who love their skin more than skincare. 

In our research, we’ve discovered skincare has become a lot like fast fashion. There is a constant need for what’s new, what’s now, and what’s next. This never-ending race is not just overwhelming users, it’s overwhelming our planet. 

So we’re getting into action: thoughtfully sourcing, producing, transporting, and recycling our products with you—and the planet—in mind.

Our Ground Rules

Our #1 Priority—You

  • We want to be friends with your skin. Our formulas safely work with your skin’s natural ecosystem; they boost your microbiome and skin barrier function, not replace it
  • Our gentle yet powerful formulas are effective on every skin type—even sensitive skin!
  • Our products love skin equally regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity so we can all #PressReset together

Better Not Bigger

  • We’d rather invest in a few good-to-haves than a lot of got-to-haves. That’s why we’re focusing on improving our current products before we expand our range. Trust us though, a lot of good is coming your way ;)
  • We believe less is more, especially when it comes to our formulas. That’s why we only formulate with skin-loving ingredients that are always tested for safety and efficacy. No fragrances, essential oils, colorants, allergic sensitizers, or animal byproducts here

On Trend but Never Trendy 

  • We make products for life, not for trends. We designed our products to be timeless, there for your skin through all the passing fads and gimmicks
  • We divide our products into 2 categories—the essential Core series and our functional Supplement series. Core products are like your essential morning cup of coffee while Supplemental products are the good-for-you protein drink that you add to your routine when you need to

    Our Goals 

    KraveBeauty is a growing brand—we’re still learning and discovering how to be the best company for our community. We’ve done well so far but we’ve still got that scrappy, can-do attitude that keeps us hungry to do more. We’re excited to meet the future KraveBeauty, here’s what we’re hoping it will look like:

    • Improve certain products to work for everyone in our community including those with fungal-acne 
    • Cut out the middleman and work directly with sources to improve our ingredient traceability + transparency
    • Keep our ingredients efficient, meaning better ingredients, not more, to do the job