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Welcome Home
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A star was born

Our OG The Beet Shield was brought into the world and quickly became a staple in your routine.

Original The Beet Shield Instagram comment from November 11th, 2018:

We pumped the brakes

In 2021, we made headlines (but not for the best reasons) We let a lot of you down when you trusted us with your skin so we made the decision to discontinue The Beet Shield to provide you with a more reliable protection.

The Beet Shield Instagram comment from April 12th, 2021:

But our story didn’t end there…

It was just getting started…

We learned A LOT along the way -
but let us break it down

Transparency Alert 🚨

We’re super proud of the product we created but here’s the thing… The US FDA is pretty slow on creating new regulations for SPF. We’re talkin’ turtle pace slow. The most recent final order as of date was enacted on March 27th, 2020 which establishes the current monograph for OTC sunscreen products. So we can’t quite honestly say that this is going to be the BEST sunscreen in the 🌍

Is Beet The Sun reef safe?

Beet The Sun is reef-safe, but not reef-safe but also could be reef-safe. 

We simply don’t know yet. Does Beet The Sun have Oxybenzone and Octinoxate? No. Then can we call this sunscreen ‘reef-safe’? We’re not sure. After Hawaii banned two organic (“chemical”) filters—Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, people started preferring inorganic (“mineral”) sunscreens. But there are also studies showing the harmful effect of Zinc Oxide on coral reefs. It’s also important to note that “reef safe” SPF is a marketing claim that the FTC nor the FDA does not regulate and is a topic that is still being researched.

New Beet the Sun sunscreen being applied to the back of the hand

The Beet Shield was packaged in a bottle ➡️ The NEW Beet The Sun is packaged in a PCR tube. WHY?

We are always looking to improve our packaging to be more sustainable. After exploring different options. Beet The Sun is now made in a tube that is made out of 90% post-consumer recycled plastic. With the packaging change and bringing the manufacturer to the US, it has allowed us to lower the product's carbon footprint significantly from 1,100g CO₂e to 370.4g CO₂e!

Let’s play a quick game we like to call

BS or BTS?

with some of our other findings

Oxybenzone is a dead zone
BS: Ever since it's introduction in the 1980's there has not been a case of someone having adverse bodily reaction to this filter. In short term studies performed, they observed topical application of UV filters including oxybenzone on humans found no significant endocrinological effects.
Mineral sunscreen lasts longer & is more resistant to change under the influence of sun than chemical sunscreen
BS: Some chemical filter (i.e Avobenzone) are less photostable and break down with too much UV exposure, however they are supplemented with other filters (octocrylene) that support its photostability. Many newer chemical filters do not have problems with photostability.
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After we did our research we got straight to work but good (SPF) takes time

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cosmetic Production Timeline (10 MONTHS)

Formula Brief

Month 0

Final Formula Approved

Month 3

Pre-Production Tests

Month 4

Line Trial

Month 4

Production Batch Approved

Month 7

Product Launches

Month 10

Drug Production Timeline (22 MONTHS)

Formula Brief

Month 0

Prelim Formula Approval

Month 8

Evaluating Results & Claims

Month 11

Final Formulation & Material Approved. Pre-production testing begins (12 weeks)

Month 12

Pilot Bulk Approved. Line Trial and OTC Drug Stability Testing Starts

Month 16

Production Batch Approved. Fill & Assembly Starts

Month 21

Product Launches

Month 22

“We needed to identify the solution to our problem. Ideating formula concepts, product packaging, ingredient selection, market research and more!”
- Liah CEO

“We tested more than 9 different iterations before approving THE ONE!”
- Dianna PD Director

“The UV filters we decided to use are Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octisalate, and Octocrylene”
- Dianna PD Director

“In this stage we began conducting focus groups on the different prototypes we received from the lab”
- Dianna PD Director

“These prototypes did not meet what we envisioned BTS to be - back to the bench!”
- Dianna PD Director

“The formula is approved, now it’s time to run a pilot production and the OTC testing begins”’
- Liah CEO

“This formula was sent to two labs for SPF & PA testing”
- Dianna PD Director

“We cannot wait for you to Welcome Beet The Sun back into your homes!”
- Team KB

After all that, we got our receipts

We also conducted two FDA SPF static tests (aka the numeric value you find on sunscreen products) which measures the UVB protection. UVB radiation makes only 5% of the UV rays from the sun but can wreak havoc on the top layers of your skin. This number indicates how long it would take for the sun's radiation to redden your skin and cause skin cancer.

Safety tests - Repeat Irritation Patch Test

Formula Stability Test

Package Compatibility Test

Preservative Challenge Test

Micro Test

Heavy Metal Test

@skintnaz using The Beet Shield

As you can see, developing our new sunscreen was no walk in the product development park.

But you all missed it and so did we!

Instagram comments:
@rachellvy using The Beet Shield
Welcome Home, Beet The Sun Welcome Home Beet The Sun February 23rd, 2023

Key Ingredients:

  • Super charged beetroot extract
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamin E
  • Propanediol a barrier supporting natural humectant to help prevent skin damage and water loss.
Beet The Sun lightweight sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 40 PA+++
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Key Ingredients:

  • Super charged beetroot extract
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Vitamin E
  • Propanediol a barrier supporting natural humectant to help prevent skin damage and water loss.


Silky, Smooth, and Lightweight


Use the 2 finger rule to cover your face, neck, and ears and watch as this hydrating formula melts into your skin

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