Our hero ingredient providing deep moisture & anti-inflammatory functions

What is Tamanu Oil

A multipurpose oil that has remarkable skin-regenerative properties that is traditionally used to heal wounds and cure various skin conditions. It has a yellow to green color with a nutty smell.

Helps reduce skin redness, swelling, and irritation

Protects skin from free radicals to prevent premature aging & skin damage

Forms a protective barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss

Reduces inflammation associated with acne & improves appearance of scars

Seen (or Smelled!) In


Great Barrier Relief

When your skin is feeling sensitive and dry and in need of soothing relief



Jumbo Great Barrier Relief

When your skin LOVES Great Barrier Relief and in need of a bigger size



Great Body Relief

When your body is feeling dry and rough and in need of replenishing hydration



100% Cold-Pressed Tamanu Oil

When your skin & hair needs an extra boost of relief & repair


Responsibly Sourced

When you’re buying a beauty product, you know what’s inside the formula from the ingredient list. However, what you don’t know is how the ingredients are farmed, harvested, and how the workers and stakeholders are treated throughout the entire process.

Typically, brands go to distributors to source ingredients and put their trust with these distributors to do their due diligence and vet the source. In reality, it's difficult to really know how the ingredient is sourced, what land is being used, and who harvested the crop.

We’re flipping the script and pressing reset on sustainable sourcing by working directly with a specific farm in Indonesia. The goal is to know exactly where our tamanu oil’s coming from, how it’s farmed + harvested, increasing the wages of women tamanu farmers in the region, and most importantly tying in climate-conscious practices in every step of this project and partnership. While this was an expensive process, we hope to catalyze the growth of sustainable production within the industry while supporting our stakeholders and the people behind our products!

Processing tamanu is no easy task

Harvesting, transporting, and deshelling tamanu nuts is very taxing on the body. Tamanu producers have to carry 20 kg of fruits to their homes and then use their fingers to hold the seeds in place so they can open it with a hammer. Currently, it takes about an hour to deshell 1 kg of tamanu nut.

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