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Linoleic Acid-Rich Oil Serum For Breakouts

Let’s clear this up — Oily, breakout-prone skin needs oil, not harsh, oil-free products.

The excess sebum production and the breakouts that follow come from a lack of linoleic acid in your sebum composition, not because you’re not cleansing or treating those spots!

With Oil La La and its high linoleic acid-rich oils, this serum will balance out your sebum composition from thick and gloopy to light and fluid resulting in less breakouts, less inflammation, and a balanced skin barrier. 

Stop leaving your skin high and dry and instead give it the oil treatment.

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Your skin is smart and if you listen, it’ll tell you exactly what it’s craving. We believe skincare should be as intuitive as eating what you crave and that you (not us or our industry) know best how to nourish your skin. We’re here for when your skintuition says you need a balanced skincare diet to keep your skin healthy.

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Our goal is to shrink our footprint as much as we can. From cutting carbon emissions to limiting our product range, we want to do the most good by having the least impact on our planet.