Acne Series: Fungal Acne

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Nicki - March 10 2020

If you‘re not sure wether the products you are using are MF safe, you can go to and just copy and paste your ingredient list in there and it will tell you. It just saves me so much time. 😊🙈

Alexis - February 27 2020

I have tried a lot of things and head and shoulders work decently for me the otc stuff did not work for me so if the otc stuff does not work for u try head and shouders

k. - February 27 2020

since i have FA all over my forehead i was wondering if using the mario badescu rose water facial spray would promote the bumps or calm them?

Nabyys - January 23 2020

Mind asking if anyone having experience using nixoderm sulfur & salicylic acid bar soap to treat your FA?

Adel - January 16 2020

I have fungal acne and this is a few tips on how to get rid of it. I using IUNIK propolis extract and all the fungal acne has gone in about 5-7 days. For moisturizer, i use Cerave (it’s fungal acne product) .

A - January 02 2020

I am currently undergoing treatment (at home) for the pesky little fungal bumps on my forehead aka rocky-road of a nuisance and prime source of irritation – and have to say that Nizoral shampoo is a little miracle worker. If you haven’t tried it already, apply the shampoo (as suggested above) on forehead (or anywhere else on face -or body) and wear it like a mask, letting it dry. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF TWO THINGS WHEN USING NIZORAL – Now if you did not know this, in the US – Nizoral shampoo’s active ingredient “ketoconazole” only comes in 1% in shampoo. Whereas in Canada, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world where this product is sold, the shampoo comes in pink form (not the US blue form) and has the active ingredient at 2%. THIS MEANS – if you are applying the NON-US Nizoral shampoo with 2% of the active ingredient “ketoconazole”, be careful not to severely over-dry your skin. Most folks using the 2% version would suggest to not leave the shampoo on affected area for more than 10-15 min. If using the US version with 1% of active ingredient, (which is what I have access too and currently use) you can extend the wear time up to 20-30 minutes since the concentration of active ingredient is less. BUT you know your skin better, so please be careful. What works for one person may affect another quite differently. All I can say, is that my face wasn’t responding to ANYTHING, and now the bumps are reducing and my forehead is slowly healing. Each day I have less and less bumps to deal with. DIET is also key. Lay-off carbs (pasta, rice, sweets, and sweet drinks, alcohol and massive amount of coffee)…. Yeast is triggered frequently by lack of a better balanced diet + dash of stress + massive wear of make-up = rocky road forehead. Try to keep it somewhat natural and lay-off the foundation and creams as they can be triggers… I am on week 1, and I am seeing awesome results, your forehead will say “thank-you”!

Lola - December 30 2019

Sadly only the oat cream is fungal acne safe ! Hoping for more FA safe Krave products in the future :)

A - October 22 2019

Does iunik propolis serum can get rid of fungal acne??

Subha - October 22 2019

I wanted to know if I can use products which aren’t fungal acne safe after these bumps disappear but continue with the treatment once every week or 2 times a week. Will it be enough not to trigger the fungal acne again?

Friska Unandy - October 16 2019

I’ve been using great barrier relief for just 5 days and the product triggers my fungal acne. Now it’s back and i’m panic

faneshia scott - September 25 2019

wat if cnt but the miosterizer for the fungel acne wat can i use instead cause right now i have nothing that wont feed it and im useing cerave hydrating cleanser i have oily skin is that ok it dosnt fell striped after and its gental i also have large pores

Aliya - September 04 2019

Is maxi peel zero exfoliant fluid allowed to be use when u are suffering from fungal acne? It has BHA just wanna makw sure if it is safe

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