Acne Series: Fungal Acne

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A - October 22 2019

Does iunik propolis serum can get rid of fungal acne??

Subha - October 22 2019

I wanted to know if I can use products which aren’t fungal acne safe after these bumps disappear but continue with the treatment once every week or 2 times a week. Will it be enough not to trigger the fungal acne again?

Friska Unandy - October 16 2019

I’ve been using great barrier relief for just 5 days and the product triggers my fungal acne. Now it’s back and i’m panic

faneshia scott - September 25 2019

wat if cnt but the miosterizer for the fungel acne wat can i use instead cause right now i have nothing that wont feed it and im useing cerave hydrating cleanser i have oily skin is that ok it dosnt fell striped after and its gental i also have large pores

Aliya - September 04 2019

Is maxi peel zero exfoliant fluid allowed to be use when u are suffering from fungal acne? It has BHA just wanna makw sure if it is safe

Gina G - August 22 2019


sk - March 27 2019

thank you so much for this article, it really helped me know what to do about my fungal acne. i didn’t realize what i had and after i found this i got to know everything about fungal acne so much love – shreya :)

N. - March 19 2019

I am so sad that none of the products from KRAVE can be used if you have fungle acne. If you are worked about a product containing ingredientes that are good or bad check out (like malassezia). It has a data bank to back check. Hope this helps someone.

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