How Antioxidants Level Up Your Routine

How Antioxidants Level Up Your Routine

In skincare, antioxidants are substances that protect the skin from environmental aggressors like pollution or intense UV rays. They are mainly known for their anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits making them great additions to skincare products, but antioxidants can definitely do more to help maintain your skin’s health and appearance.

Other Common Benefits of Antioxidants

  1. Sun Protection - While they can’t replace sunscreens, antioxidants can help with sun protection by limiting the damage caused by UV rays. They help neutralize free radicals that come from UV exposure which in turn lessens the harmful effects of photo damage and sunburn.
  2. Brightening - Certain antioxidants like vitamin C can slow down the production of melanin which can cause dark spots and hyperpigmentation. By using products containing antioxidants, you can brighten dull skin and fade dark spots for more even skin.
  3. Skin Repair & Regeneration - Antioxidants can aid in the skin’s natural repair process by stimulating the product of new, healthy skin cells. This can help heal wounds or instances of skin irritation and improve your overall skin texture. 
  4. Enhancing Other Skincare Products - Antioxidants are also team players that can boost the efficacy of other skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid or retinol. They can protect the skin’s lipid barrier and create a healthier skin environment to allow active ingredients to safely but effectively work their magic.

Now that we've broken down the hidden power of antioxidants, here's a list of common antioxidants used in skincare that you should look out for:

Vitamin A  Promotes cellular turnover, improves skin texture, and minimizes acne or breakouts
Vitamin C Brightens your complexion, protects against further UV damage, and stimulates collagen production
Vitamin E Moisturizes the skin and enhances the effectiveness of vitamin C
Green Tea Extract Contains polyphenols which has anti-inflammatory properties
Niacinamide (aka a form of Vitamin B3) Helps even out your skin tone and reduces inflammation by improving your skin barrier


Next time as you browse online or in person, be sure to lookout for antioxidants in your skincare products. Not only can they maintain your skin’s overall health as you grow older, they can offer a multitude of benefits to further level up your skincare game, so definitely give them a try!