New Year, New Me: Pre and Post Gym Skincare

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We see you setting your annual “get into shape” New Year’s resolution 👀. And how do we know that?

...Because we may be a little guilty of setting that same resolution every year, too.

We figured since we’re all on the same boat here, before everyone goes to the gym to break a sweat, we wanted to make sure that no one’s going to break out (Ba dum tss 🥁).

Let’s start off the new year right by taking care of our bodies AND our skin.

Pre-Gym Skincare

1) Remove ANY makeup BEFORE working out.

Just think about this for a second. Do you really want to let your sweat and oils mix in with your makeup to create the perfect spawning ground for bacteria and clogged pores to develop? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Save yourself a world of trouble by cleansing your makeup before you break a sweat.

If you’re working out right after waking up, skip to step 3.

2) Light Moisturizer

Not only is dehydrated skin unhappy skin, but it also can cause an increase in surface lines and dead skin cell build up that can clog your pores. After cleansing your face of makeup or dead skin cells, put your skin at ease with a non-greasy moisturizer that will retain the moisture in your skin.


We’re going to be sweating and working our butts off anyways, so there isn’t really a point to an extensive skincare routine. But we can at least make our tight skin feel more comfortable by generously applying mist to our face before our workout.


Working out is how you maintain your body’s health, applying SPF is how you maintain your skin’s health. Those UVA and UVB rays can cause irreparable damage to your skin, whether you’re exercising next to the gym window and especially if you’re spending a good chunk of time out in the sun. So sunscreen is a NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Post-Gym Skincare


Once you’re done with your workout, there’s no time to waste– the bacteria are coming. Immediately cleanse your skin with a nice toner wash applied to a cotton pad to gently swipe away the excess sebum, sweat, and grime.

If you’re not a fan of carrying around liquid products in your gym bag or don’t have access to running water where you exercised (like at the park), carry around cotton pads that are pre-soaked in toner with you. Cleansing wipes are also an option, but we don’t really recommend them as this is essentially just like applying soap to your face and leaving it on. If you will be using these, make sure you rinse off the leftover residue with water.


Once you’re home, use your favorite mild cleanser to wash the gunk off your skin. Your skin will thank you.


Try a creamy wash-off type of mask ~1-2 times a week in the shower. Yes, IN THE SHOWER. Doing any type of mask in the shower can work wonders for your skin because it can prevent transepidermal water loss, AKA your skin losing its precious hydration. The in-shower mask will retain all of this hydration that your skin would lose otherwise.


Your skin has sweat out a lot of salt and water after your workout, so replenish the lost hydration with some, you guessed it, HYDRATING products! Try using a hydrating serum, then lock all the good stuff in for the rest of the day with your favorite moisturizer.

5) Ofc, SPF

Need we say anymore about SPF? If you’re going about the rest of your day after your workout, protect your skin because we aren’t kidding– UVA and UVB rays will show your skin no mercy.

6) BODY CARE: Exfoliate + Moisturize

Why is it that we neglect the skin of the rest of our body? It may be tougher than the skin on our face, but it still deserves some TLC too. Our tip for you after your shower is to use a gentle exfoliating product to make your body feel super smooth. A lot of our followers have actually told US that they love using the Kale-lalu-yAHA on their body to exfoliate the scaly skin on their legs and feet, and we love that we’re even learning new ways to use our products from you guys <3. Finish off the body routine with a non-sticky moisturizer.

Now, you’re ready to work towards those fitness goals while achieving your skincare goals too.

And while being in shape is always important, another huge goal we want to achieve as a company is to give back to a cause we believe in.

That’s why our resolution for 2019 is to take care of others.

We’re super excited to announce that 10% of every order made in January will be donated to Education Bridge’s Girls Education Project. As a company created and run by women, KraveBeauty is really passionate about the Girls Education Project’s mission to empower young females with leadership and education, and we hope that you can give a helping hand. Read more about the project and how your contributions can help:

2019 is going to be great, let’s do this.