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A Limited Edition Product Made From Our Own Waste

Mistake turned magic

After 10 bathtubs full of rejected pilot productions from our reformulated Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser, we decided to rework the bulk and not let it go to waste. With a reworked formula and added surfactants to create a foamy lather, Matcha Hemp Body Wash was born. Learn more

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Hey, Hi, Hello— We’re KraveBeauty

Our day job is making skincare, but our passion is creating a more intentional world. We’re reducing our environmental impact, building an inclusive community, and rejecting traditional beauty conventions. 

We’re here to #PressReset on the norm. Won’t you join us?

We feed your skinsides what they’re craving

Your skin is smart and if you listen, it’ll tell you exactly what it’s craving. We believe skincare should be as intuitive as eating what you crave and that you (not us or our industry) know best how to nourish your skin. We’re here for when your skintuition says you need a balanced skincare diet to keep your skin healthy.

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