Core vs. Supplement: Why and What is the Difference?

Core and Supplement Series Products

Ever wonder why we separate our products into the Core Series and the Supplement Series, and what exactly is the difference? Let’s talk about that, but before we answer that for you - we need to ask you something.

Have you ever thought about the actual construction of your skincare routine? Like when did you add in that toner, essence, serum, oil, sleeping mask - and do you really need it? Or did you subscribe yourself to a cookie-cutter formula of what your sister, your favorite Youtuber and/or some Pinterest infographic told you your skincare routine should look like? If so, no shame. We’ve all been there. But if you find yourself applying products because you think you should, instead of understanding what value it actually provides your skin, it might be time to #PressReset and think about skincare a little differently.

The first switch? Skin, not skincare.

Everyone’s skin is so unique so, of course, each individual’s skin needs will look a little different. It’s important to remember that just because your best friend uses a toner, doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to. Or just because a bottle says use morning and night, it doesn’t mean that you need to cleanse twice a day. #PressReset on the idea that your products or your routine is the answer to your skincare concerns, but instead treat them like supplements that you give or don’t give your skin.

For example: If you eat a fiber-rich diet and all is healthy in your bowels, supplementing that lack in fiber isn’t even a question for you - you don’t need it. But if you don’t eat a fiber-rich diet, then supplementing that fiber (be it in the form of tablets or food) may be something you consider adding into your mix. Make sense?

Your skin essentially works the same way. If you’ve been with us for a little while now, you’ve probably heard us say this and we’ll say it again (and again and again), but your skin is smart. It is a living, breathing organ that knows how to take care of itself if you simply give it what it needs to function at its best. It’s all about what works for you and your skin. All we want you to do is #PressReset, tune out the noise, and listen to your skin’s true cravings. 

Resetting the “Skincare Essentials”

Repeat after us: “Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated” and you don’t need to check the boxes of someone else’s routine just to check those boxes. There are a few basic steps that your skin needs to function, so let’s bring it back to the basics and make things a little simpler: (1) Cleanser, (2) Moisturizer and (3) Protection (SPF) aka the Core Series. Everything else (toner, eye cream, essence, mask, etc.) should be personalized to your specific skin concerns and cravings, aka the Supplementary Series. It’s not that you don’t need the products that are supplementary, it’s just that not everyone needs them. It all comes back to your unique skin and giving it exactly what it craves.

Next time your scrolling through Instagram and someone tells you that you absolutely need to try that new sheet mask or oil - pause for a second and really think: Is that what your skin is craving?

Stress-free skincare

And to finally get to our original questions: 

What’s the difference? 

The Core Series is a simple yet purposeful range of products that help your skin function at its best. Nothing more, nothing less.  

The Supplement Series is a range of functional, targeted solutions that address specific skin concerns. At KraveBeauty, these products deliver results without compromising your skin’s natural functionality, microbiome, and epidermal barrier function. 

And why do we separate our products into the Core Series and the Supplement Series? 

It’s simple - to empower you to make intentional decisions so you only give your skin what it craves. Because skincare doesn’t haven’t to be complicated.