Redefining Beauty with Luna

Redefining Beauty with Luna

Luna works alongside Nikki at Trans Defense Fund LA. On her free time, she is a dancer residing in Los Angeles for the past two years. Read on to learn more about her journey to embrace the skin she's in and the work she does at TDFLA!

How has your journey been in learning to love and embrace the skin you're in?

I did not start embracing the skin I'm in, until 2 years ago when I started transitioning. It was hard at first because I could not accept myself but that was the past. I have come a long way since then and I pour love into myself every day.

What lessons have you learned about self-love that you wish you had known earlier?

The main lesson that I learned was to never talk down on yourself. It is completely human to have those days where it's hard to have confidence. When those days arrive….. sit it through , have patience , and know that these thoughts are not your reality. Always try to compliment yourself every day because this allows you to forget about your insecurities and embrace what you already have. Loving on yourself is so important and I can’t stress it enough.

Did you have any support networks or resources that played a significant role in your journey? If so, how did they contribute to your sense of self?

Trans Defense Fund is a resource most definitely. They have helped me when I needed it. This is why I encourage people to donate because there are funds that can be given out to Trans individuals. Also providing them with defense kits because living visibly Trans can be beautiful at times but also scary. Having tools to protect ourselves is always a relief. I have also built a sense of community with a group of Trans dancers. Jolene (created by @ethicaldrvgs) was where I was introduced to so many DOLLS. I started dancing and just learning so much about stage presence, beauty, and the talent trans performers have to offer. Lastly, Babiedollz. Another group of Trans dancers (created by @alii__bby). This is another safe place that allows t-girls to shed some emotions on stage and give a fantasy.

How is the Transgender community redefining beauty standards?

We redefine beauty standards by not following any. Beauty standards don’t exist in the trans community because we tend to start our own trends. This is more alluring because it is unique and does not follow any rules.

How can the Beauty Industry better address the needs of Trans individuals?

Have more trans representation. Companies need to go out and seek Trans talent whether that be in modeling, makeup artists, crew members, etc. We deserve more spaces in the beauty industry and I hope this can be done.