Product development update

Product development update

Q : Is KraveBeauty going to have more products?

A : Of course! We're currently developing 3 different sunscreens—chemical, physical, hybrid— and 2 kinds of moisturizers—for winter, for summer—, one product that helps restore the moisture barrier, and another product that helps to rejuvenate the skin. 

BUT, and this is a big buttt! We don't know 'when' we would be able to launch the next product.

Formulating a product is a constant push and pull between us and the lab. Many formulators and chemists that work for a big cosmetics lab in Korea are often accustomed to working VERY mechanically, meaning that many of the chemists often seem like a salesperson trying to sell the existing formulations instead of starting another formulation from scratch. While this can be helpful to many brands in the market, as all they need to do is basically 'shop' for formulations and wrap it with their label, we are really not interested in doing something that every other brand can do. So, we do our best to make the formulators believe in ourselves first and guide them to outperform themselves with our formulation. And oddly, this is what takes most of the time. Funny, isn't it? But once they #pressreset (haha) on what they've been doing, and they finally get excited about taking on the new challenge, things sails pretty smoothly from then. We are coming to an end with a couple of formulations but we don't want to rush to release it for the sake of releasing. 

Developing a product is costly and placing an order for individual SKUs is enormously expensive. At the moment, we can't afford to drop everything at once. We might only release the first sunscreen to the world and refine the other two while we generate more sales to place another order. 

It really means a lot when you share and spread the word about us to your friends and family. And thank you so much for your patience :)

- Liah xx