We're finally here.

We're finally here.



Hey guys, Liah here. What an exciting day for all of us! I want to introduce you to @KraveBeauty, a skincare company that believes in the power of simplicity by urging you to step back, #pressreset, and listen to your skin’s true needs.

Many people would refer to owning their own brand as a manifestation of their passion project. But for me, creating KraveBeauty was a decision that was based on purpose more then passion came along.

Since the start of my YouTube channel, there wasn’t a day without chatting with you guys. What brought to my attention was one big noticeable pattern. So many of us feel so lost in skincare. Despite the abundant product options and information out there, we are more confused than ever. Skincare became a stress more than being a joy.

But, why? When did something that should be so simple become so overwhelming?

We've been taught to apply more and more skincare by brands, retailers, and influencers. A lot of the noise has almost made us believe that our skin is unable to function by itself. But the truth is: OUR SKIN IS SMART. It really is. And skincare should carefully support and respect its biology, functionality and its microbiome. Yet so many products are created to deliver short sprint of results, giving you that instant gratification without considering the long-term effect.

That's what motivated me to start a brand with a clear message; to feed what your skin craves, and nothing it doesn't. And that's why with KraveBeauty, I want to offer a minimal yet purposeful skincare range encouraging you to communicate with your skin, work with your body, and practice self-care. If anyone comes across our brand in the future, learned our message, and applied that into real life, I consider that my purpose is served whether she/he got our products or not.

So if you're reading this, don't forget to breathe, sweat and fuel your body. Tune out the noise and tune into your cravings. Healthy skin doesn't start with a magic pill or a complicated solution but with some TLC from you. Oh and lastly, (I know this woman has a lot to say!!!), HAVE FUN WITH SKINCARE!!!

- Liah xx