#PressReset Diaries: Michelle Cordeiro Grant, Founder and CEO of LIVELY

#PressReset Diaries: Michelle Cordeiro Grant, Founder and CEO of LIVELY

Michelle Cordeiro Grant, Founder and CEO of LIVELY, has spent the tenure of her career creating brands and products for some of the world's largest retailers, including Federated, VF Corporation, Limited Brands/Victoria's Secret and Thrillist Media Group. Grant instantly fell in love with the entire process from concept to customer, and realized that her passion was in supporting, creating and developing amazing brands and products. While working with Victoria's Secret, she learned that this $13B lingerie category, in the US alone, was dominated by this one brand, with one point of view. Grant was inspired to create a completely new experience for the category, —one she coined Leisurée— and so LIVELY was born.

Full name: Michelle Cordeiro Grant

Occupation: Founder & CEO, LIVELY

Location: New York

Age: 39

Skin Concerns: Oiliness, dryness, and uneven skin texture 

Life Motto: Live life passionately & purposefully

Fun Fact: I went to Law School for 2 weeks and decided to go back into fashion.

My Skin Journey

I have a love/hate relationship with my skin. It’s oily, hard to control, and needs so much attention. If I don't keep up with a consistent skincare routine both morning and night, I'll likely break out and have duller skin tone. In the past, I might have skipped toner or serum, or would be too tired to take my makeup completely off at the end of the day, but now, I pay extra attention to my skin and use just enough of the right products to keep it in check. I think of my skin care routine like I do my fitness regime or diet, which is to try to stay consistent, but not beat myself up over the misses :) Now, for the most part, my skin is brighter, more dewy, and clear. I am much more comfortable going day-to-day with little or no makeup!

I often discover new products by asking my friends what their personal faves are, especially people with dewy, glowy skin. I love trying out different products and seeing what works for me! There have been some times where I've used products that have worked for other people, but just weren't a fit for me because they made my skin feel tight, dry, or too oily, but now that I've found a routine that works for me, I’m comfortable with what my skin is today and am very accepting of it. Now that I take more care of it by paying attention to the ingredients in each product, using products more consistently, and noticing how they make my skin feel, I feel like I’m aging backwards!

Skincare Products I Can’t Live Without

There’s so many I love!  

  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir: This mist is a lifesaver! I use it to refresh my skin as needed throughout the day. 
  • KraveBeauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser: Love this cleanser because it’s refreshing and light, and most importantly, it doesn’t leave my skin raw or dry after washing.
  • Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar: This cleansing bar is all in the title. It’s one of my faves for washing my face daily, since the charcoal base helps cleanse and purify my skin without drying it out. 
  • DNA Renewal Regeneration Serum: This serum has a high concentration of EGF, which helps make my skin tone brighter and more even, and overall makes my skin feel healthier. 
  • Tata Harper Restorative Eye Creme: Eye cream is a must for me at night, so I use the Tata Harper Restorative Eye Creme because it feels good going on, the scent is great, and it helps prevent fine lines and dryness. 
  • Biossance Squalane + Peptide Eye Gel: Absolutely love this eye gel in the morning to help improve my under eye hydration and reduce the puffiness I sometimes wake up with.
  • Son & Park Beauty Water: A cleanser and toner that helps give a brighter skin tone and smoother texture. And it smells amazing!!

Current Skincare Routine

AM: Wash my face with Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar, cleanse with Soko Glam Beauty Water, DNA Serum, Biossance Eye Cream, put on my makeup, and spray the Caudalie Beauty Elixir on my face throughout the day as needed. 

PM: Wash face again with Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar, cleanse with Soko Glam Beauty Water, put facial serum and mask on (currently trying out a rotation of products), and use my Tata Harper Restorative Eye Creme. I’d love to add the KraveBeauty Kale-lalu-yaHA to my routine twice a week though! 

What #PressReset Means to Me

If I’m going from a day of work to an evening event, I will wash my face, brush my teeth, and do my entire beauty routine over again. This not only makes me feel good and fresh, but makes me feel as if I’m starting the day all over again.


How I #PressReset Beyond Beauty

I’m a big believer in setting boundaries in my day. One thing I try to do every morning regardless of busy schedules is to spend time with myself (20 minutes or 1 hour). It ranges from walking to work, taking a fitness class, or just doing a two mile run. It’s my time to give gratitude and acknowledge why I do it all.

I also make sure to leave the office most evenings in time to have dinner with my family and have time with my kids before they go to bed. I then hop back online to drive LIVELY. I think it is so important to start and close each day with your loved ones. At the end of the day, that is what life is all about!

What I’ve Been Loving

I’m currently loving getting manicures at Chillhouse, bringing my beach hair back to the city with Beachwaver products, and Rael’s bundle of face masks that I rotate based on what my skin needs. Aside from beauty/wellness, I recently watched The Upside on my plane over to Japan, and absolutely loved it.


Want to learn more about Michelle and how she does it all? Follow her on Instagram: @the_michellegrant.